Dumbass Black People

To the stupid nigger that commented on the post about friends; you truly are a stupid piece of Ghetto Trash and your life doesn't and will never matter.

Always gotta comment stupid ass shit because all of you dumbass niggers wat to do is talk shit and want attention all because you all got daddy issues.

You ain't gonna kidnap and rape anyone which is what you doped up niggers do on a daily bases and you wouldn't try that shit on me because I would beat the fuck out of you, or better yet I would shoot you ignorant ass mother fucker fuckers. News Flash Self Defense isn't racism.

None of you dumbass niggers know how to fight without jumping somebody or pulling a gun. Let's see what would happen if you pussy ass niggers fight someone man to man because I can guarantee your stupid ass would get the fuck beaten out of you.

Some dumbass at McDonalds tried to snatch my Sundae I paid for and I chased his ass, tackled him to the ground and beat the fuck out of his stupid ass. Also some stupid nigger talked shit about me drinking at a water fountain at Walmart so I told him to take his doped up stupid ass and mind his damn business . This mother fucker tried to fight me but I tackled and beat the hell out of his stupid ass.

Black Women are straight up trash period always being loud and obnoxious acting like anyone in radius wants to hear their loudmouths. Shut the fuck up nigger bitches you all need a sledgehammer taken to your throats.

Always starting fights at Denny's Wendy's Chuck E Cheese's or Popeye's throwing a goddamn fit over chicken sandwiches. Yeah the only thing you loudmouth ape bitches need is to be beaten with a sledgehammer and have your teeth ripped out of your gums. Or better yet get run over by an 18 Wheel Truck.

Black People no wonder the world hates you it's because ya'll are stupid as fuck. Your lives don't matter period so get the fuck over it, maybe if you all grew up and stop being dumbasses all the time then maybe you all would be accepted you stupid ass mother fucking money ass, chocolate chip niggers.

19 days ago


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    • If u ever wondered what God thought of black people look in ur toilet after u take a shit! Same color and smell! #blacklivessplatter

    • Https://www.amren.com/blog/2019/11/race-differences-in-intelligence-in-20-charts/

    • The OP kind of has a point. I say kind of because it's fucking society that is teaching black people it's ok to be racist towards whites and act ignorant. Society keeps racism alive by plastering the past across social media networks everyday. Was it right to segregate black people until the 1960's? NO, but society has convinced black people to blame all white people for shit that happened before our time. Who the hell do they think removed the segregation in the 60's? It wasn't MLK. I mean sure, MLK protested the segregation, but it was the middle aged white guys at the time who had enough of the bullshit and desegregated the blacks. In other words, it was old white guys who fixed the problem from generations before. Yet ignorant black people let society tell them it's okay to be racist towards white people. IT'S NOT. So stop being fucking racist and hateful towards white people. It just makes you all look like ignorant assholes.

    • Man I hate fucking niggers!! #blacklivessplatter

    • I mean I try to read serious sites like VDare and AmRen, but I keep going back to Chimpmania, amirite?

    • You dumb fuck white boy. My brothers and I fuck your white mom and sisters and leave chocolate loads of cum all up in their skinny white azzes and stank pussy. You and your little skinny pathetic white cock can’t satisfy a woman. So write all your shitz in cause while you do, we be fucking their white asses. You got that boy? Whatc. You gonna do now? I’ll whip out my 11 inches and make you suck it till I cums and you be all chocked up on that jizz. Fool

    • Wait, does it really come out chocolatey? Cuz I heard that black ladies breast mill is chocolate milk so that actually makes sense.

    • 11 inches of nigger dick sounds so fucking good rn

    • You want it? I’m a former football player with a big black cock, you want this white boy? Come get it.

    • I would LOVE that big nigger dick!

    • Did you get dropped on your head as a child or something?

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