Sister put panties in my dresser and told mom i stole them

My mom called me into the house. when i got there, she grab my arm and took me to my dresser and asked me what is going on. to my surprise, there was pantyhose, panties,bras, and make up. my mom said this is the 2nd time she found this. i tried to say i did not know about this. my sister said i was lying and my mom mom went to checking my pockets looking for panties. i checked my pockets earlier, suddenly my mom pulled my back pants pocket hard and ripped my pants and pulled out a pair of ruffle pink flowered print panties. i do not know where they came from. but my mom began to rip off my clothes to spank me. i was over her knee and got the spanking of my life. my sister was laughing her ass off. then my sister slip on the ruffle pink panties on. before i knew it , i had on pink pantyhose, bra and heavy make up.i was put over my mom knee again with my new pantie sand silky pink pantyhose. the spanking felt felt so different, it turned me on in a strange way. i was grinning my hips into my mom knee and i was getting off,
but i was crying like a little girl my sister said. my hair was long and then my sister said i needed a haircut. i started crying saying i love my long hair, please do not cut it. but i was march into the bath room and sat on a chair in front of a mirror so i could see myself in in my new outfit. my mom gave my sister a pair of scissors to cut my hair. she cut my bangs off first because my hair went to my chin. she just laughed as she cut away. i was crying so hard, the makeup was running down my face onto my pink pantyhose. then i heard a sound of electric clippers starting up. my mom started at my front of my forehead and began buzzing all my hair off for lying to my mom. then i saw my sister was taking pictures of me to show her friends. my mom did not see the camera. for 2 weeks i was dressed by my mom. my sister bought all her friends in to see me. later on, my mom over heard my sister set this all up and grabbed her by the arm and told me to follow them to the bathroom. know i get to see what happens when you tell a lie . the shoe was on the other foot know. i got very excited about what was going to happen. she started to fight with my mom, but that just made mom mad. she got pulled over her knee and began to spank her good, my sister was trying to get away, but as she fell off her knee, my mom quickly unzipped the back of her dress and then rip apart the dress where the zipper ended and the dress was gone. my sister tried to get away again, but my mom ripped off her bra and pantyhose. then back to spanking her . my sister said she would not run away. so my mom sat her on the chair in front of the mirror. her makeup was looking like Tammy baker face. then it felt like Christmas , then my mom handed me the scissors. i was so excited, i about exploded in my panties. my sister had very long hair, way past her waist. she started saying please do not cut my hair. my mind was racing know. i just did what she enjoyed doing to me. i started with her bangs and slowly began cutting couple inches above her eyes. almost 3 feet of hair was dropping onto the floor as i went on cutting above her ears i went completely around to the other ear. this was fun. then my mom step in to finish the haircut. i saw her put a guard on the clippers that would leave about 3 inches of hair. when my mom turned them on, my sister started to pee her panties. it did not take long before she cut everything off. my mom saw i went off in my panties i was wearing. i had a heart on and i was sticking out of my panties and my mom saw it. i was told to clear out all the girls clothes and get the 18 gallon tub with my boy clothes in it. i guess that saying ,pay back is a bitch. my sister has never spoke to me again . 20 years later, she still hates me for that haircut. she thinks i started this.

11 months ago

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    • Bet you put those panties in your back pocket wanting your mom to find them, so she would tear your clothes off and get dressed as girl. she should of really spanked you until you were pink butt . sounds like you needed your hair buzzed off onto your silk pantyhose. you want a girl to do that to you today

    • Still molesting pre-teen boys are ye?

    • I wish my mom and sister did that

    • Sounds like you got excited getting spanked in your new panties and your silky pantyhose. i bet you like that still getting a women to dress you up and she spanks you in pantyhose. my mom cut my long hair off when she caught me stealing money from her purse.

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