Most people who read these post think they are bullshit.

But people don't understand that although some of these post maybe bullshit, many people actually do the shit these people write about.

My girlfriend and I used to do the kinkist shit for a long time. All we had to do was show others we weren't afraid to do whatever, and they went right along with us. We have had sex parties where we went home with other girlfriends and boyfriends. Some have even been husbands or wives. I fucked my girlfriends sister and her aunt. Albeit her aunt is about her age anyway, but still.
We have had sex in some of the strangest places, including Walmart and the hospital.
Sex is taboo and most people still feel ashamed to talk about it or make it fun. That is until that one person or couple say it's okay to swap partners, and then everyone is all for it. It's taboo until it's not.

17 days ago

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    • They are bull shit. You get the same old crap that is getting more and more unbelievable. The fake shit is written by ass holes trying to out do each others stories. No more truth to these fake stories.

      Your story seems more believable then the long winded crap they write.
      Glad you two had fun. Your story is the best I have read so far.

    • Yep. My wife and I have been caught having sex in public, and when I was still single I fucked another man's wife in front of half a dozen other men at a gay bar she and I had been dancing at. I've sucked dicks publicly in adult theaters and arcades, I was once spitroasted - a big black dick fucked my mouth (I could only get halfway down that pole) while an even bigger white dick fucked my ass. I could fill a book with the shit I've done and seen. Yeah, a lot of this shit on here is fake, but like you said, a lot actually happens.

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