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So i moved into my first Apartment and i got lost of house Warming gits from my parents. In one of the boxes i found a new Dildo And at 1st I was a little embarrassed that my mom would put this in a Box for me. So after a long day of moving in and unpacking i used it. It was so life like it wasnt huge but it was a really big one. I love useing it, i came Across the packaging and started reading it and i was blown away with what i was reading. So it turns out its a Penis repilca model. That my mom made of my dad. Apparently when they first made it , it turned out way better than they expected. So they took it back to the shop where they got it . The owner asked if they could make a few coppies of it and they said yes. So my mom kept one in the package and most have forgotten about it. Turns out the box was loaded with my suff by accident. Yeah ive been cumming my brains out fucking myself with a replica of my dads cock. Wtf

1.1 years ago

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