Surprised fuck from stepdad

It started when I was 16 yrs old after my mother pass away. I have a stepfather 5 yrs younger than my mom I never met my real dad. After her passing, my stepdad will constantly drink and pass out on the couch sometimes on the floor he was devastated that all he did was stare out the window I feel lonely as well but I slowly cope with it with the help of my friends

One time I woke up with my stepdad sleeping beside my bed I assumed he must be drunk and got lost to my bed. This became regularly, every night he will drunk and will stumble upon my bedroom and sleep by my side. I guess he just need company and he didn't do anything bad to me anyway. We are not that close yet we communicate casually so there's really not a way for me to comfort him.

After I think almost 1 wk of him sleeping in my bed and him not saying anything about it I still let it pass as my way to help him move on. But one night, I was awoke by a warm hand, massaging my boobs and I froze. I let him massage me for a good 10 mins then he slowly lowered my tank top exposing my tits, I was shocked and aroused the same time. He started sucking my tits while massaging the other, I fell his desire is overflowing, he licked and sucked my tits for I think 30mins and I can feel my pussy was so wet that even my shorts has juices overflowing. I was moaning slowly the fucking whole time then he got up and remove my clothes and his clothes and without a beat he rammed his big dick inside of me.

He fucked me so deep I was moaning and calling his name when I cummed he grab my head and kissed me so passionately that made me wanna be fucked again and again which he did. He laid me on my back and start fucking me dog style. I was never fucked this way and with this eager, after so much fucking I cum 2 time and he cum 3 times that night. We do it every night now

11 months ago

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