Old Whore

I still have a strong sex drive and didn't expect to get hooked on my ex girlfriend's older cousin Barb. I always had thing for Barb but didn't realized she was that much older than me. Barb's boobs are big and I had a fantasy for her. I was at Barb's house helping her out and my former girlfriend tagged along and saw the bulge in my pants while staring at her cousin Barb, who was in a see thru nightgown. That nightgown didn't hide anything. I saw how big Barb's tits are and the hairy snatch on her. Needless to say, I got my former girlfriend angry. That and fact I couldn't get along with some of my former girlfriend's family members dissolved our relationship.
As time went by, I began to masturbate thinking of Barb in that nightgown since I wasn't in a relationship with anyone. Then one evening I get a phone call from Barb. She sort of knew I wanted to do her. We started to talk about about us. Then Barb confesses that I'm great handyman and she needs repairs done around her house and what her younger cousin told her about me, she could replace her and satisfy me.
Barb told me to stop by the next day and she'll point out what needed fixing. I was surprised that she wore the same nightgown that I saw in with her younger cousin close by. "You see my body, show me your pleasure tool which is hard and hidden in your pants." I pulled it out and she removed her nightgown giving me a clear view of her tits. "You do have a cock! " she blurted out and wrapped her tits around it, letting me get turn on. "Hot huge tits you have! " I said to her. "I want to be your private slut and keep you very pleased and make you want me more than than my younger cousin who failed doing it." she said as she kissed me and fed me her tits. "I'll face sit you you so you know my pussy is better than hers."
We fooled around a lot and I upgraded her house a lot. Then I told her the story about her younger cousin who wouldn't include her best friend in a sexual threesome with us. To my surprise, Barb said to me, "You want a threesome? This old gal wants to make you happy! "and tells me that her sister might be interested in getting in some of the action.

11 months ago

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