Why do men want to have anal sex as I assume it stinks badly

My boyfriend wants to have anal sex with me, but I have never done it before and I am thinking the following: he will only want to have anal sex and we will never go back to vaginal once he starts anal, it will hurt, it will stink and I cannot stand the smell of shit, I will get more urinary tract infections than I already do with our 3 hour sex sessions every night, my girlfriend told me she left a guy because he only wanted anal after they started it and she didn't like it, so why do men want it so much? I'm not doing it as I don't think it will feel good at all.

23 days ago

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    • For the girl, there's nothing fun or hot or arousing or intimate or satisfying about anal AT ALL! It's just pain and stink and a big mess in your bed that you can never get clean enough to sleep in again. Every time you get in your bed after that you will still smell the shit. You will have to throw the bed out and go buy a new one at the mattress store. That's why he wants to take your ass in YOUR bed and not in his. Do NOT give it up. If he wants ass, tell him, "You must be a faggot!" and "Get the fuck out,you miserable fucking ass-wrangler!!!" Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP THE ASS!!! Goes for all girls!

    • Your concerns are totally legit. Anal sex is not an act of love like vaginal sex is. No, anal sex is an act of dominion and aggression and manipulation and suppression and control. It's about degradation and debasement . it's all humiliation and enslavement. If you don't want it, don't EVER let him start . . . . you'll never get him to stop. Once he gets it the first time, he will absolutely ass-rape you every time thereafter if he has to, just to get back up in there! Just say no, and then check him literally every time he comes home to see if he's stuck that thing in some other ass. Tell him each time to let you smell his dick! Please don't start giving up your ass to that monster!! He will kill you by fucking you in your shit!! JUST SAY NO!

    • Cleaning the damn thing out first wouldn't be such a bad idea....

    • I don't like to have sex when I have my period. My husband asked me to have anal with him. I did and its not all the bad. In fact its opened up a whole new avenue. We had done several threesomes with a buddy of his but it was oral and vaginal. With my ass fair game the next threesome they both took my ass. That being said I tried a four man gangbang. I really enjoyed the gangbang and I hope there will be a lot more now that my ass is in play.

    • You sound like a right fun girl! I wish I was one of your happy and satisfied partners!!! You GO, girl!!!

    • Hey bitches! You got a mouth, a pussy and a butthole! You're gonna give em up to me!

      Then go make me a fukin' sandwich!

    • Nice shot!!

    • LOL! I love it!

    • It's your ass, just say no -- say I'll find another guy to fuck my pussy. My wife and 2 old girlfriends wanted to check that box. We did it 2 or 3 times. They never asked again. I believe alcohol was involved every time. My wife says I'm way too big for her ass.

    • Thank you for your support from a man! I will say that if he asks me again. He stopped asking me and said he'll never talk about it again. I'm with you, it's my choice and I'm not into it. My pussy and mouth are enough for him as I am a sexy&beautifulwoman and he knows it.

    • Go to like xvideos dot com. Watch like ten anal sex videos. See how they're both enjoying it? And it's not messy. It's awesome!

    • Almost all porn is fake. Do you see how it takes a woman a few seconds to cum in porn that is so fake. It takes more like 12 minutes to cum for a woman.

    • Which literally has nothing to do with the comment

    • Well the part of the fake porn is called anal bleaching. The porn stars do that before anal sex. They also drink plenty of water to dilute their pee for pissing video's and swap the piss in the glass if they are going to drink it. Also in scat flicks they use fake shit mostly made of corn flour.
      Ps anal bleaching does not use real bleach so don't use it.

    • We have been married four years and I never got the pleasure of fucking my wife in the ass. Three months ago we got together with another couple and swapped wives. The dude took the wife's ass. She didn't even try to stop him. So the next time me and the wife got together for sex I went for her ass. She tried to stop me so I bitch slapped her around and we had rough sex and I got her ass. When it was over she told me she had been waiting for ever for me to have rough sex with her. She said we need to do that more often. Sounds like good times are ahead.

    • That ass belong to you!! Don't EVER let her keep you out of it!!! Beat the bitch down every time she say "NO"!!!! Repeat after me: " I own your ass, bitch!!"

    • Only agree if it is something that you would like to explore, not because you feel pressured. I did it to please my boyfriend and hated it. I'm not sure about the stink or risk of infection, but even with lots of lubrication in and around my bumhole, it hurt for days afterwards. Each to their own, I guess, but I got zero pleasure from it, just a sore aching bum.
      Just say no unless it's something that you want to try.

    • Thank you for your feedback as I found it very helpful. I am sticking to no.

    • I'm glad it was helpful. Sisters need to look out for each other. You sound lovely.

    • It shouldn't stink, i've done it loads of times with loads of different women. Relaxation and lubrication are the key. Get him to use his tongue on you first and ideally bring you to orgasm as this will relax the muscles. The best position in my experience was with the woman lying on her front. This further relaxes the muscles (Had a gf who preferred anal due to the intense orgasms but she actually found it painful getting on her knees for it. Lay on her front or side she loved it) in terms of lubricants vaseline, baby oil are good. Tell him to go slowly at first and ease in gently just a little bit more with each push and not to start thrusting or going hard until he's been deep a few times. If you can relax enough you might even find it more pleasurable than vaginal sex and it has the advantage that you can go bareback without worrying about unwanted pregnancy

    • A woman must give all her holes to a man! If a girl doesn't give up her tight little pooper for a good balls-deep fucking then she she gets DUMPED. End of story!

    • You're ignorant if you think that's the only criteria for maintaining a relationship.

    • And you're a dumb bitch! You're mad no-one wants to fuck your flappy old nasty ass!

    • It's a power trip. He wants to own ALL of you. What do you want ?

    • I think you're right; he wants to own all of me. He's the owner of his own company and used to being in charge of everyone and everything. He thinks fast. He acts quickly and decisively. He drags me right across the bed over to the side of the bed where he puts my legs up and enters me keeping my legs up so he can watch his cock slide in and out of my pink pussy.
      this is after I have already had an orgasm orally. He is very visual and loves a sexy woman's body and a beautiful face, or else he won't be bothered with her. I meet this criteria. I can see he wants to own all of me. The second date he told he he wanted an exclusive relationship with me and for both of us to not date anyone else. I hesitated and he talked me into it. He's very persuasive. But he won't win on this as I refuse to have anal. I give good oral sex and he loves it. He won't leave...no man has ever left me. I don't worry about it. That's the advantage of looking like a Playboy bunny and I do.

    • Having a face like a jackrabbit is not the same as looking like a Playboy bunny.

    • Don't do it. Anal sex expose you to disease. Leave him if he insist.

    • I don't believe he will leave me for someone younger, prettier, etc. just because I won't have anal sex. The man who wrote that doesn't know how beautiful I am, or that I have an amazing body due to daily workouts with weights and cardio. I don't worry about a man leaving me because no man has ever left me. We have a great sex life and do everything else, and I believe a woman who has boundaries should keep them. We both please each other sexually, so we have no problems with sex and mutual pleasure. I just wondered why the urge to have anal? I agree with the woman who said anal is a smelly mess and don't let him talk you into it. I won't. And he won't leave me due to my refusal to have anal, or else he was not my kind of man in the first place.

    • If he's not already fucking some other woman's asshole, he will be soon. And the great likelihood is that it's somebody you know and consider a friend; someone who you've told about his interest in anal sex and your reluctance to give it up. Thanks to you, she'll know PRECISELY how to seduce him . . . . . by openly offering him the very thing she knows you've been repeatedly denying him. Imagine him laying with her in her bed, balls-deep in her anus, his cock covered in her sweet, sweet shit, his arms wrapped around her naked body, thanking her for sharing the loving intimacy you stubbornly refuse. She'll tell him, as they fall asleep together, "I'm going to keep giving this to you, darling, any time and every time you want it, and I'll be using it to take you from her . . . FOREVER!!!"

    • Anal sex is a humongus smelly mess. Don't let him talk you into it!! Men are pigs and love their slop.

    • Thank you. I won't give in and do anal. I'm sticking to never doing it as I thought it would be gross.

    • Insist on an enema first. That will make you feel cleaner. Use plenty of lube and take it slow... You can always make him wear a condom.

    • If you don't start giving him your ass, he will definitely go elsewhere. Plenty of women love the intimacy and warmth of it, as well as the taboo nature of it, and most are younger. He will find one of them and leave you behind for the newer, prettier, younger girl who's willing and eager to give him what he needs. Believe me: your days are numbered. He's already looking. And he will likely find someone with an intense anal hunger among your group of girlfriends. When they're fucking, they'll laugh at how silly and prudish you are. She will make him happy. You can't.

    • It doesn't make me prudish to not want to have anal. It also sounds as if you are very manipulative to say that "he will leave me for someone younger, prettier, etc." You don't know that I am beautiful. You don't know how old I am. You say my days are numbered. You are so wrong. I walk into a room and everyone stares at me. I have a smoking hot body. A beautiful face. A good personality. Intelligence. Class. My boyfriend is not "already looking." He's madly in love with me and I with him. Sex is one part of a relationship; a very important part albeit. We have an emotional bond that is important. I am the one person he says he feels like "he cannot live without me, I am his life, and when he is with me he is in heaven." He wants to marry me. You should know of what you speak about, before you speak.

    • I know what i'm speaking about and he is looking to trade up. Book it, Barbie: he is totally done with you and your silly no-fly zones.

    • Men just want to fuck all your holes and if one of your holes is out of bounds or is taboo in some way then it just makes it seem more exciting to want to fuck it: maybe you should try it, use lots of lube and go slow, you might like it and once your bf has done it a few times the novelty will probably wear off especially if he finds that anal sex isn't all that its cracked up to be

    • I have no interest in anal, your boyfriend must a gay in the closet still

    • Yes, that's precisely right . . . . . you're involved with a faggot. Best wishes!

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