Pervert Shoe Salesman

I went to Shoe Carnival to find a pair of new shoes and as a Shoe Salesman approached me and making recommendations on what shoes I should wear and what my shoe size is, he does something very unprofessional, disgusting and it violated me.

So as the Shoe Salesman used the Measuring Device to measure my foot the idiot examined my foot then he put his nose between my toes and fucking sniffed my feet in the store.

I screamed in the store as other shoppers witnessed what happened as the Foot Sniffing Shoe Salesman ran out of the store but I was able to find the manager of Shoe Carnival and told him what happened.

One thing is for sure this asshole will get fired from Shoe Carnival and II hope he gets arrested for smelling my feet.

22 days ago

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    • First of all, it's called a Brannock Device. Secondly, you dumb bitch, come into my store and I'm sticking my tongue deep between your toes while I stare up your skirt! The slobbery sounds I make will never leave your ears! Your feet will never be clean again and you will never feel so violated, even if you were gang-raped by a hundred escaped convicts! SLOBBER SLOBBER LICK LICK!!!

    • Ok Al Bundy.

    • It's just smelling your fucking feet, it's not like he licked them or something. Calm down, nothing really happened to you.

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