Wife's Fantasy cum true

A few months ago my wife of 21 years surprised me with a drunken confession, she had for some time had this desire to be gang-banged but she wanted 3 guys in particular, friends of her sister's son, each of them 18 years old, and, she told me that 2 of them had made a "pass" at her during her nephew's 18th birthday party. Also during that party two of them had shown their cocks to her and she said they were huge. Julie told me that even though she wanted to fuck them right then and there she didn't because she wanted to ask me first. I'd often wondered if she'd let me watch her fuck another guy, but three cocks at once, all young and full of vigour, and cum.

Last Saturday evening, I surprised her by inviting the three teens over for a good time, and Julie and I both got our wish. It began at dinner time with Julie having 4 strawberry daiquiris before they arrived and two more after they arrived, after which I told her, "these guys are here for some pussy, so get undressed and give them what they came for." At 5 feet, 3 inches, 110 pounds firm and D-cup tits Julie was built for pleasure.

I moved around them while they enjoyed my wife and she enjoyed their cocks, two of them were just as she had said, huge and the third long with a sideways curve. With Julie on the couch they started by filling her mouth and pussy with thick cocks while the third guy sucked and chewed on her tits. The first to go off was in her mouth and he made sure she swallowed it by making her gag and choke while he forced his wad into her throat. As soon as he pulled out of her face cock number three entered her mouth, took hold of her hair and set to fucking her mouth quite aggressively and while she made gargling sounds on his curved cock her body shook and her cunt started to ooze it's creamy approval followed soon after by the young man pumping his load into her quivering pussy.

These three cocks pounded my wife relentlessly for over and hour, with her begging them to stop for the final 15 or so minutes while she came almost continuously with each of her holes filled. When they finally did pull out of her body two of them were rock-hard and unable to cum again, the third had managed one more dry orgasm, while Julie dropped to her stomach, shaking and whimpering. The guys agreed that if she ever wants three at once again, to call them, I thanked them and went to my wife.

I had just watched Julie's petite body serve three cocks at once. taking each one into her mouth, cunt and ass at least three times, all three holes three times and even took both "huge" cocks at once in her pussy and ass. Man did she scream when they stretched her little ass. Now after watching Julie live her fantasy it was time to empty my balls, I took off my clothes, straddled her legs and whispered in her ear "Julie, now it's my turn to pump a load of cum up your ass". I have no idea what she murmured but she only shook one leg as I pushed into her lovely, little, cum-filled ass. But what really surprised me was that her ass was still fairly tight, tight enough that my wife moaned with each of my thrusts into it. Of course after watching her get fucked roughly for over an hour I didn't last very long before mixing my cum with the cum already in her.

The next morning Julie confessed, saying it was incredible but didn't think she'd ever do it again. Then she thanked me by sucking me off until I came in her mouth, which she swallowed, something I'd never known her to do until the night before. I'd like to see her do it again, but she was good enough to ask me if I'd let her live her fantasy and not do it through cheating, and she let me watch.

11 months ago

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    • Not to sound conceded but I’ve always kept up with my body, and being 52 I still look as if I am 30, and always getting hit on by men. I’ve confessed to my husband that I’ve always fantasized about being with other men. We’ve always spoken about swinging, but never made it happen life always got in the way. But now my son (Sean) his friend (John) was getting married, always flirted with me. He said to me at a party he’s always wanted me and wish he could have me. My hubby Willie said what’s in it for me? He told me he wanted our friend Michelle. Little does he know she’s a born slut, always cheated, even since she’s been married. And she’s always wanted a threesome with us. I arrange everything with John, he even asked me to wear a particular outfit he saw me wearing on Facebook. John said he would arrange the hotel, but I said our house is fine, and he’d much rather that. Willie told his fiancé he needed his help upstate, so he could spend the night. Willie couldn’t stay and watch but John paid for a hotel room for him, and Willie put cameras throughout the house. John had taken me out for dinner, a walk on the boardwalk, and back to my house where he fucked me silly, and he did not disappoint, slow fast, hard, then slow again. My body hasn’t shaked in pleasure for a long time. He went through my closet and asked me to put on my bikini and we went for a swim, another one of his fantasies. He knew my hubby was watching on the cameras, we had sex one more time in the morning before he left, and as he was on top of me he whispered in my ear I want to cum inside you, he came so much I knew he had nothing left, so I told him no babe you can’t, and threw the blanket over us, and took his condom off, and as he was cumming he said I love you, it made me cum so hard

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