Sucking Cock

I sucked my first cock when I was 12. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't forced or anything. I sucked that same cock off and on until I was about 16. Later, I joined the military. I hadn't done it since 16 and one night in a massive drinking session with my buddy, he slurringly asked me if there was one thing I never told anyone. So I told him. He was a bit surprised and asked if I was any good, so I said, "Wanna find out?"
He really enjoyed it. In return, he gave me a blowie as well.
Couple of years later I was married. To a woman. lol. Nothing happened for years. We got two kids, life went on, I left the military and we settled down.
Then, maybe four years ago, I was driving back from a seminar and I was giving a guy a lift home. He was further down the road but, you got to help a guy out sometimes. It was no big thing. He asked what I needed in return, fuel money whatever and I said it's nothing, it's ok. Anyway, it was late and I needed some coffee so we stopped at a reststop. On the way back to my truck he shoved me against it and started undoing my trousers. I protested, thinking I was going to get raped and he said, "I want to give you a bj."
I let him get on with it. And he was pretty good. After I shot my load, I told him I wanted to do the same for him. I'd forgotten how good it was! I really enjoyed him in my mouth, I took my time, stroking and licking his balls, sucking them and then let him fuck my mouth until he came.
Now, every week, I app a guy, any guy and meet up. I just suck them off and if they want, I let them suck me. It's surprising how many married guys are doing it!
My wife has no idea. I just tell her I'm out with the boys, which is almost true.

1.1 years ago

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    • There are a lot of married guys doing it. I suck cock all the time.

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