Went to ABS to buy lingerie for wife. Ended up sucking huge Cock

So i went to the local Adult Bookstore to get lingerie for my wife for our anniversary. Was looking around and saw this buff black guy go in the back to the booths... dropped the lingerie and followed. I went in the stall next to him and peeked through the hole in wall.. saw him watching tranny porn and stroking this monster 12 inch long thick cock.. mouth watering i pulled out my cock and started stroking it. He saw me and started to put his python away i said wait, reached through the hole and grabbed it then he droped trowsers and thrusted it all the way through. I droped to my knees and kissed the tip then proceded to deep throat as much as i could furiously jacking off and choking down his massive dick untill he exploded in my mouth, i swallode every drop and licked him clean. During i had jizzed almost constantly the whole time, was just covered in cum. Pulled up my pants and bolted....
Really really wish i would have got his number sucking his dick was the most amazing thing want so badly to find him again and let him fuck me..
Wife was like where is the lingerie? When i got home, lol still think about his monster all the time jizzing my pants writting this. Geuss i will have to go back rhere and suck every cock till i find him and become his slave

11 months ago

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