My wife's panties

I know this is bad.. but i often share my wife's panties with men who want to use them to jerk off with. The sight of their cum in her panties drives me crazy. I mostly wash the and put the back, but a few times, i put some used ones back in her drawer.. they only had a drop.. but still..

11 months ago

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    • My bud lusted after my young blonde wife for months. He loved how her tight jeans rode right up her butt crack. Her shorts, too. Once told me he'd love to lick her butt. I shared this with my wife during sex one night. She was turned on by it - even though it was very naughty to think about now when she was around him.
      I liked to pull her bikini panties tightly up into her butt crack while we necked in bed prior to fucking. I told her to imagine what she looked like between her legs if guys were watching from the foot of the bed -"waiting their turn"! She'd get hot....fuck like crazy. Cum hard riding me thinking of the view she was presenting. day I handed him a sealed bag with her freshly fucked panties in them. I never asked what he did with them. But I'm certain he enjoyed them....being a single guy without a current girl friend. After a few days he'd give them back in the bag - I didn't look to see what condition. soon, I'd give him another bag with her freshly sexed panties. He moved away the following year. One sexy night I confessed this all to my wife. She got very quiet, but didn't let go of my dick. Then she started squeezing me until I yelped...then slid atop me and crushed my mouth with hers while reaching between us and inserting me! "You bastard!....didn't you think I might have minded him smelling my crotch?!.....but OMG that is sooo naughty!"

    • It was easy to share back when craigslist was fun

    • My wife doesn't know it but I sell her panties to guys.

    • I share my wife's panties with other men.
      I get off seeing a big load of fresh cum in the gusset of her sexy panties.

    • So amazing to see .. wishing it was leaking from her.

    • Love to see some pics of her panties!,

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