The night I had sex with Laura

We were all sharing a hotel room. We were just students and the place was expensive. All were out, including my girlfriend, except for me and Laura. I wasn't in the mood to go drinking, and Laura had wanted a shower.
I was watching tv while Laura showered. It was nice knowing she was in there, naked, under the water. She had a terrific body that I'd always admired from afar -- beautiful toned and slender legs, tight round ass, small but perky breasts that would have fit nicely in my hands. Striking eyes, pretty face...and a long history of cheating on her boyfriends. I knew she was a true slut who loved sex. I wondered when I would get my turn.
After a while I heard the shower cut off and a few moments later she appeared in the doorway of the bathroom wrapped in a purple towel, long wet hair framing her freshly scrubbed face and shoulders. She was smiling.
"That felt good," she said.
"I bet."
She looked hard at me. "Aren't you bored? Why didn't you go?"
I stood up and took a hesitant step towards her. "Eh, just thought it would be fun to chill here tonight."
Laura smiled. "With me?"
"With you." I took another step. She turned and went back into the bathroom.
"Well I'm in here now, if you want to be with me," she called lightly.
I went into the bathroom. She was standing with her ass backed up against the counter. She was looking at me.
"Come closer," she said.
I stepped right to her.
"Put your hands on my hips," Laura said. So I did. I could feel the top of her firm ass with my fingertips through the towel.
She placed her hands on my shoulders and pulled my face toward her. We kissed--long and deeply.
Then she let the towel fall. And gave her beautiful, smooth, firm naked body to me. I lifted her onto the counter and pushed her legs apart.

11 months ago

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