Sex for rent question

My girlfriend and I just moved in together this last March. First time for either of us living on our own and I have to admit it is harder than we both thought. We are both 21 years old and we both have jobs. But we are still struggling to pay the rent each month. I read on here about how some women pay the rent by having sex with the landlord. So I brought it up to my girlfriend. At first she said no but then changed her mind after we struggled to pay the rent again this month. She is now willing to have sex with him as long as we never have to pay rent. I'm ok with it too but we have a few questions on how to do this.

1. My girlfriend is really hot, and I see him check her out everytime he's here. Should she just ask him to come over to discuss rent and then just come on to him?

2. How many times a month is fair for her to have sex with him in exchange for rent? I was thinking once a month but my girlfriend thinks he will want once a week. What is the standard?

3. Should we make him find a place for them to have sex? Or is it standard for him to come here and have sex in our bed while I am away?

4. Is it fair to demand he wear a condom? If he's like most guys, we don't like condoms, so my girlfriend is on the pill. She would just rather he wears a condom.

5. Are blowjobs normally considered part of the deal? In other words, if she sucks his dick, should she still have intercourse with him, or does the blowjob count as his sex for that time?

6. Same with oral sex performed on her. Should she allow him to suck her tits and eat her pussy? And if so, does that count as his sex? I would think he still gets intercourse but my girlfriend says no, it's the same as a blowjob and counts as his sex.

7. Anything else we should be aware of or keep in mind when she asks him?

Sorry for asking, but this is new to us and we don't want to be taken advantage of.

29 days ago

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    • Let her do it! Then the you will own the landlord for ever. All you need is once and record it. Let her say this is better than getting evicted and I guess it's the only way. Then hold that recording over his head. You will live rent free or he goes to prison.

    • When I was in college during my third year it came down to either eating and living in my car or begging for some free rent. The man was not really unattractive just older, like late sixties older. He told me not to worry about the rent and even asked me if I needed some extra money for food, I thanked him a hundred times then saw him one day when I was coming home. I was so thankful for his generosity that something just clicked in my head and I asked him if he had a few minutes to look at something. He followed me up and I told him to wait a second while I went back to the bedroom, I took off all my clothes, walked out to him and said anything he wanted I was willing to do. He gave me so much pleasure just from oral telling me his penis had not worked in years and could not even orgasm. When I realized that I told him anytime he wanted to do this again just come by, he was so good with his tongue and caressing that I loved it when he came over.

    • Sounds like the situation I was in when I was younger. I was trying to work 2 jobs and take care of a new baby after my deadbeat boyfriend got me pregnant and walked out on me. I was trying to make rent, food, power, car payment, insurance, and I didn't have enough to go around. My landlord stopped by for the rent and I already had the worst day every. I didn't have the money so I just broke down crying. He put his arm around me and was comforting me. He was super sweet and said we could skip this month. I was so relieved that I just started rubbing his cock through his pants. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him off. Whenever I couldn't pay rent, I would have sex with him and he would call it even.

    • There are no set rules or methods. It is whatever he wants to do, and she is willing to do.

    • Actually there are set of rules. Thats called prostitution! And solicitation for prostitution in basic form. And criminal exploitation for sexual gain a felony.

    • Yeah, pretty much.

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