My first blowjob was from a dude...

When I was 13, I was hanging around the house during Christmas break trying to figure out something to do when I heard a knock at our door.. To my surprise when I opened the door, there was my old friend Wayne. Wayne was almost 14 and had moved away to a different school district that past summer. We had been really good friends all during elementary school and it was cool to see him again. .

We were siting on my bed , talking and laughing when I told him to check something out. I pulled out a box of adult magazines from the closet and explained that I was cutting through an alley and somebody had put them out by their trashcans. We started thumbing through the magazines and the subject soon turned to pussy and jerking off. I noticed a big bulge in his pants. He saw me looking and said " Take a look at this" and pulled out a big cock about 2 Inches longer than mine.

Then he told me he knew the secret of how to grow a big cock. "Blowjobs" he laughed. "You're shitting me" I said laughing too.. He told me he was serious and then asked me if I had ever had my cock sucked., Then he asked me if I remembered a guy named Jerry D**** from the Boys Club. Jerry was 16 and now lived in Wayne's neighborhood and they had been hanging out, he had a car and everything. Jerry had been sucking Wayne's cock for several months.

Wayne told me to call my Mom and see if I could spend the night at his house. We caught the bus across town and he called Jerry and He told us to come on over, nobody was home.

Jerry was a tall, skinny kid who I always thought was kinda creepy Wayne asked him if he remembered me and he said sure, but you've grown a lot. We climbed the stairs to Jerry's room and I admitted I was nervous. Right away Wayne and Jerry started getting naked, I kinda lagged behind, C'mon man get with it Wayne told me. He told Jerry that I was virgin and Jerry said not for long and they laughed. Wayne sat down in a big chair and Jerry got down on his knees and slowly started to suck his cock. in about 5 minutes Wayne gave out a loud moan and Jerry gagged a little and choked down his
Wayne's cum.

Wayne stood up and wagged his dripping cock at me and told me it was now my turn. I was already hard when I sat down, "I love new meat" ,Jerry said and they both laughed. I couldn't believe how hot and warm his mouth felt. I shuddered as he went all the way down on me right away. My cock was throbbing and he just kept slowly sliding his mouth up and down until I just let go, cumming out of control, I thought I was going to pass out. Sure enough, when i pulled my dick out, it looked bigger to me !

Wayne called me again about a week later and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with the two of them....Absolutely I said !

11 months ago

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