Cum Cubes

In a conversation I brought up to my friends both male and female if they ever swallowed someone elses cum. Almost all the men said no definitely not and wouldn't, some woman said yes but even most of them said no too. Well that got me thinking so I used a condom every time I had sex or masturbated to fill the condoms. Now most people would just throw them out when they were full but I decided to put them in ice cube trays and freeze them until the tray was full. At our next party I was making frozen Pina coladas, I made the first drinks with regular ice cubes, when I asked if anyone was ready for seconds a few of the guys and 3 woman were ready. I went into the freezer but instead of regular ice I took out the cum cubes and used them to make the next batch. they drank them and I asked if they liked them as I had changed an ingredient, they all said they were great, so I told them that they were Pina Cumladas. I don't think to this day that any of them knew that they swallowed about 30 loads of pure cum.

11 months ago

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    • Oh that’s a great idea ! I love it many people drank your Cum !! I’d love to try it
      I just Cum on my wife’s toothbrush and hair brush !
      but now I have something new to supply for drinks Thanks !

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