Assistant Sucks Cock Part 2

About a month ago, I wrote about helping a big-titted, beautiful 35-year-old woman get promoted from working in the warehouse to becoming my assistant. She thanked me with a cum-in-her-mouth blowjob one night when we were the last two working in the office. This is the second part of the story.
Same scenario, we’re working late on deadline, and she walks into my office and closes the door behind her. She unbuttons her blouse, unhooks her bra and I get to see her beautiful tits up close and personal. They’re nice-sized, maybe 36C, but what makes them special is they are uprights. Tilted ever so slightly toward the ceiling, with tender, pink puffy nipples. I have to taste them, and slip one of her sweet buds between my lips and start licking. I cup her other breast with my left hand and begin kissing her mouth like it was honey and I was a hungry bear. I can’t get enough of her sweetness!
I reach behind her and unzip her skirt. She steps out of it and the skirt joins her bra and blouse on the carpeting. Kelly, that’s her name, is down to a pair of pale blue panties that are tight enough to show her pussy lips. I continue kissing her hot, wet mouth, tongue-wrestling like prom night. I cup her ass with both hands, and begin to grind my cock against her softness. Kelly moves her head against my shoulder and begins to moan softly. “Fuck me,” she whispers in my ear. I lift her onto the hardwood desk and peel down her panties. I am in heaven!
Kelly is trimmed, but not shaved. I bow my head and start sucking on her right nipple. At the same time, I begin moving two fingers up and down her labia. She is sopping wet. I alternate between stroking her lower set of lips and rubbing her clit. I can’t stand it another second, I have to taste her! My tongue is on her clit, licking it with increasing pressure. Then, I’m licking her pussy, down to her taint. Now, I am sucking her pussy, licking her clit like an ice cream cone. My face is covered in her juices.
I stand upright, wipe the pussy juice from the bottom-half of my face, and pull down my pants. My cock is like steel, and I begin rubbing the tip against Kelly’s clit. “Fuck me,” she moans. I want to thrust balls deep into her, but somehow I say, “Not here.” I think of the comments on the first part of this story, warning me not to fuck in the office. Fucking my assistant on my desk will get me fired. Yes, it will. There is a janitor who cleans the office every night, and I have no idea where he is. I also know that if start banging Kelly, I’m not stopping for anything. That includes a janitor opening the door to my office, while Kelly and I are mid-coitus. Pre-cum is leaking out of my cock, but I can’t fuck Kelly. Not here.
“I live two miles away. We can go there,” Kelly says in a low voice. Her husband is a chef, who works second shift. He won’t be home for hours. We pull on our clothes, pausing briefly to be sure we look normal in case we see the janitor on our way out of the building, and walk quickly to our cars.
In ten minutes, the door to Kelly’s apartment is unlocked and we are both completely naked. I lay on the bed, not bothering to pull down the covers. Kelly straddles my face, leans forward, and we begin to 69. I bury my face in her pussy, enjoy the closeup view of Kelly’s asshole, and begin to groan as she sucks my cock like her life depended on it. We go at it until I am ready to burst. I pull Kelly off me, and finally bury my cock balls deep into the best-looking woman in the building.
I don’t know how long I last, but I enjoy every second. When I do cum, I thrust deep into Kelly. I have a vasectomy, so I am not worried about a baby. I’ll be damned if I am pulling out after all that happened. I enjoy her warmth, then slowly back out. Amazingly, I am still hard. I think about round two, but at age 60 that hasn’t happened in 30 years. I cuddle with her, enjoying the feeling of my hard-on pressed against her ass before I pull on my clothes and get the hell out of there. Don’t know what the third part of the story will be, but I will keep you posted.

1.1 years ago

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