I was hooked on cum instantly

So I am a straight guy that always had a fantasy of sucking a big dick and having the feeling of a big hot thick load fill my mouth. Over a few yrs I thought about it more and more. But never had courage to actually do it. I have three gay bars within a half mile from my house. Here have been quite a few nights that I would walk by them thinking about just asking some random guy if he would like to fuck my mouth. But always kept walking. Aside of that I really did not want to see anyone that I know. So one night I decided to go to a place called p.town in mass. It's a place where it is pretty much a gay community. So I booked a room for a weekend. I was still nervous as hell to go through with it. But I didn't spend a load of money for nothing. I arrived around noon time checked in. Then decided to hit a few bars and start with my liquid courage. I would walk into bathroom and check out the guys cock next to me at urinal. I wanted the first dick to be a big one. I did not find one that I wanted. So after 3 hrs of cock search and it being a failure. I decided to go back and nap before going back on the cock hunt. 9 pm rolled around and I figured it's now or never. I hit some bars and checked out many dicks and all were good. But none that I wanted to break my cock sucking cherry. As the night wore on I finally seen the hunk of meat I wanted. I am very forward So I asked him if I could suck his cock. He smiled and laughed and said as much as I would like a random blow job I have my bf here. That was kind of depressing to me I was ready I wanted a dick in my mouth badly. I wanted to taste a hot load. So as the night went on that guy I asked came up to me and said him and his bf would be up for a threesome. The guy I met in bathroom had a really nice big cock. And I wanted it bad. So I agreed to blow them both. I asked them if they wanted to go back to my hotel. So after a few more drinks we headed back to my room. I was kind of Shakey. But even more excited. To suck two dicks. I grabbed big dick and unbuttoned his pants pulling his meat out. I started sucking his head and his bf pulled his meat out and it was almost as big. I thought I was going to cum my pants with excitement. I could not believe I had another man's dick in my mouth. I enjoyed feeling his dick get harder in my mouth as I sucked it. And took his shaft in deeper. His bf came closer I stroked him as I sucked his bf. Then I switched off to his bf and took half of him in my mouth. Being my first time I was not sure if I could take it all. I kept trying but could not do it. Then I thought about a Trick. Squeeze the thumb. After that I was able to take it all. It felt like my throat was being stretched out. But in a good way. I was sucking dick like I had been doing it for years. After about 10 min I exploded in my pants. I stroked and sucked and wanted my reward. Finally the taste of pre cum from his bf. Soon after the pulsating began and I knew I was about to get my first taste. He shot off a few big spurts damn near filling my mouth. Now it was big dicks turn to do the same. Again I felt that pulse and he exploded it felt like a full can of beer instantly filled my mouth it was coming out of corners of my mouth. I squeezed every drop of his thick goo into my mouth. I am now a cum whore. Glad I did it.

11 months ago

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    • Lucky man. Sounds hot.

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