I love sucking dick

Ever since I turned 18. Ive gotten a strong desire to suck dick. I use to practice on objects, my tongue would get so wet and my pussy too. I turns me on so much. That’s when I knew it was time for me to start sucking the real thing.
I remember I met this guy on tinder. He had a really big dick .. I was playing with his dick in my hand. Then he asked me to suck it. I was very shy because I never sucked a dick before. But he pushed his finger in my mouth and I begun to suck on his finger and he looked at me and told me that’s how I should suck his dick.
So I put my mouth on his dick and suddenly my pussy got wet. He pushed his dick all the way to the back of my throat and I didn’t even gag. He was so impressed with me. It felt so good. After sucking his dick for a while he came in my mouth and I swallowed everything.
For months I reminisce on that moment.

When I turned 20 and met my current bf, I got so obsessed with sucking his dick. Whenever I watch porn, that’s all I wanna see. Every chance I get, I suck his dick.. I’ll do it anywhere.

However, My bf is currently overseas working for 4months and I keep getting urges to suck other guys dick. It’s been so long and I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t wanna cheat on my bf because he’s so good to me but I really just want a guy to push his dick in my mouth and fuck me in my mouth.. I’m trying not to think about it but I just love sucking dick .. but I don’t wanna cheat 😞

2 months ago

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    • Men are horny dogs! Get yourself a thick cock to suck on because your man is already fucking some hot young broad

    • Not all men cheat.

    • Sucks we arent close id let you practice on mine

    • I have not sucked dick in a long time, but I more then ready. Just looking for an opportunity. If you can hold out, it shows your true character and loyalty. If you can't, you will probably beat yourself up with guilt, Is that worth it?

    • Practice on Payday candy bars, on dildos or veggies. If he is really worth it, hold out on cheating on him. If you don't think you CAN hold out, find a married guy, a male relative or other man that is off limits to blow. Forbidden and married men are much less likely to squeal. Also, let the blown man know what's up, up front. It will help with his guilt too,

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