Making my own porn

I have started photographing myself nude. The pictures turn out pretty hot, especially with a little editing. My body is lean and smooth, my cock hard and thick— I make sure I’m hard for every pic.

Tonight I tried taking pictures of me sucking my own cock, I kept some, which are erotic as hell. Eventually I videoed myself cumming in my mouth and on my face with total abandon and raw list. I deleted that because I thought it was too intense… now I wish I could watch it.

2 months ago

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    • I had a friend in highschool who dressed up in his sister's clothes--short skirts, everything. He really wanted to know what it was like for her to date boys dresses so sexily.

      I told him to get dressed up and I'd show him. He put on her panties, short skirt and I had him put on her lipstick. I had him get on his knees and I walked up to him and rubbed my bulging crotch in his face. I was HOT!

      I told him to unzip my jeans and pull out my penis. He was totally in another world of lust. He knew he was going to suck his first erection and he became totally submissive to me. My penis was dripping cum and I had him lick it all up.

      When I gently thrust into his mouth I said "now you know how your sister feels, do you like it?"
      After thrusting in and out for a couple of minutes I ejaculated in his lipstick coated mouth. Great blowjob. He sucked me off a dozen more times when I got really horny.

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