Love cocks

I got a desire to suck a nice thick beautiful cock and have a thick load pumped down my throat but l also would love to lick and suck smooth balls and tongue fuck a delicious tasting asshole , can anybody help me out 😋👅💋💦💦

1 month ago


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    • I need a cock to suck too

    • I love cocks
      Chopped off and pan fried with garlic!

    • Suck mine

    • First tell your wife. Then become the best queer fuck you can be.

    • Saaaaame here

    • Try Doublelist or Grindr or something.

    • Learned of doublelist night before last, answered two ads and one panned out - swallowed a NICE dick last night, we 69ed and I took three loads in about 30 minutes. That dick was a thick, very sturdy 6" cut, absolutely amazing. I always thought a guy cumming in my mouth would be gross, but it wasn't bad. I took the first load when I was struggling to breathe as I tried choking myself and my lips were around the base and my nose was buried in his smooth shaved ball sack, he pulsed and throbbed and a load shot right down my throat. The second load came as I was just coming off that dick to slap it against my cheek - I slapped that meat on my cheek several times when I needed to come up for air - he started cumming in my mouth and finished on my cheek. Like I said, I thought another guy's cum would be gross, but I was still able to slobber on that cock even after I had slathered it with his cum. I took the third load in my face when I was jacking him off. I came only once, but it was a huge load because I had abstained from orgasm during masturbation the last 3 almost 4 days. That dick was amazing, I can't believe I finally got some. And he liked mine as much as I loved his, we both were writhing, moaning, and whining like little girls, it was so fucking hot.

      AND when I finally got up today, I had an email from the other ad I had responded to...he's excited to hookup, and that dick looks even better than the one I got last night!

    • No, no-one can.

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