I found my parents sex tapes !

When I was 15, we had a leak in my Dad's home office and I was given the job of moving everything out so the plumbers could come the next day. As I was moving stuff out I found a box of VHS tapes and an old VCR. Some were old movies and NASCAR races, but a few were unlabeled.
After my parents went out for the evening, I took the box up to my room and hooked up everything. To my shock and surprise two of the tapes were homemade sex tapes. One tape was of my Mom and Dad with my Aunt and Uncle out on the lake in my Uncle's pontoon boat. They were boozing it up swimming / sunbathing nude and sexing it up.
Another tape was dark and grainy, probably a copy , it showed the four of them filming each other having sex. My Aunt ( Mom's sister) was sucking my Dad's cock. My uncle was doing my Mom and then some other lady I didn't recognize. For years after that, whenever I saw my Aunt I fantasized about her sucking my cock !

2 months ago


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    • My dad caught watching the family home porn tapes, he didn't shout at me he said watch them your obviously interested but don't tell your mum yet, i was only 15 at the time, and if you want you can get involved, or we could have our own private practice your a grown up girl now. think about it and tell if you want,
      I thought about it for a week and i did and i didn't, i was really turned on watching dad in action, cant decide help.

    • My dad has been pestering me about our own private practice when mum is out he has shown me his hard cock i am curious should i

    • But I think your uncle's your dad fuck the tape.

    • After our parents died and we cleared the house i found a box of VHS video tapes i took them home to watch at another time, one night i played one it opened up with my mother sucking her fathers dick and her uncle giving it her up the arse and my aunt watching using a dildo, It changed my opinion of my parents i thought good for them why not, I am now thinking about my sister and how i would like to fuck her

    • I accidentally found my dad and mom's homemade porn videos leaked over internet by Dad in xvideos and other sites. Though faces were not shown the curtains and bedsheets and other room features and the birthmark on her back could be identified to make sure that its my mom and dad in sexual act. My mom has big boobs and brown pussy hair. Have close up videos and my Dad's Cock being hand fucked, sucked by my Mom and Vagina being opened by Dad to enter his erect Cock and cumming on her back and belly etc. I have downloaded all such videos and daily jacks off viewing the videos. See at

    • My parents were big into slides. Tons and tons of slides I went through, trying to find anything worth keeping and putting on a more modern format. Most were vacation pics of sunsets, scenery and historic places. Then I started noticing more. Not all of them, but enough that I spotted the trend, my father apparently liked to take plain artsy photos of scenery and such but include mostly hidden nudes of my mother. He'd do it really well so often times you'd have to look "Where's Waldo" hard until you spotted mom's form. I'm not into finding mother that way but I have to give them props, on originality. The vast majority of the slides could be shown at a church social and no one would notice the nude woman blending in.

    • I found some home made black and white polaroid's, i knew shouldn't have looked but you do, i am all wet now down below thinking about what i saw,
      they were of mum dad his and her brother and sister, and grandad, what turned me on the most my deer mum taking her brothers cock up her arse and sucking her dads dick plus lots of others, i still keep them

    • So you invaded you parents private lives. You father didn't say take the tapes and look at them. Wait till someone invades your privacy especially when you get older and have your own memories that you keep to yourself. Then you will know how it feels Creep.

    • OMG... Are you my Aunt Rita ???

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