Married A Cock Sucker

After been married twice and they weren't a husband pleasing wife. I decided never to remarry. I was going to play the field to get my jollies. I dated and latched onto this basic looking woman. She isn't hot looking and her breasts is small. She has a very fuzzy vagina with a stimulating clit. She knew how to please me and make desire her. She is very talented in cock sucking and lets me play and eat her fuzzy tight cunt. We dated for some time and conversed in sexual matters. She seemed to be the woman I wanted and needed. She's the only second woman that swallows cum when blowing you. I agreed to marry her on the condition she kept me satisfied. On the second year of our marriage I had no trouble of getting her to wife swap.
Seeing her sucking other men's cock turned me on, causing premature ejaculation for me. My Christmas present was seeing her do a blow bang at a private swingers party. Having those guys cum fill her mouth and cover her hairy snatch .
She let me watch our brown lab lick her cunt and clit. She agreed to get humped by him. Without begging or asking her, she said to me if watching her suck it's dick something I like to see. "Hell yes! " I said as my dick quickly hardened. She called the dog on the couch and started rubbing it's dick and balls. The lab's penis exposed itself. She began licking it like she licks mine. Then she mouth it and sucked it. The dog knotted and it's penis really stood out. My wife grabbed his knot and jerked it as if the dog' knot was stuck inside a vagina. She got her mouth filled with it's sperm and let it drip onto my exposed cock that I was pulling while watching her.
We been married seven years and she helped other women in proper cock sucking. When I'm eating her out when we have sex, I suck on her clit pretending I'm her sucking and licking a dick.

3 months ago

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