In Love with an Escort

This particular escort got along so well with me that I spend with her on a regular basis whenever I visit Bangkok on business – about 4-5 times a year. I was married for six years and then lived separate from my wife. After that I have been enjoying my sexual freedom through many sexual encounters with escorts in the cities of SE Asia. But this Bangkok escort, Lily, is the best. She is in her mid-30s, small petite body with firm pair of 34C boobs, broad ass cheeks and fantastic modest shaved pussy.
Nipple and pussy sucking in nude is one of my favorite activities as a form of foreplay. These experiences with my ex-wife was one thing as we knew each other well enough on a personal level … but doing it with an escort is quite another. On my first visit with Lily I was afraid that she would think I was crazy, but that was not the case. She shuddered as I licked her cheeks. I then sank a little lower and began licking and kissing her neck. I eventually kissed her lips after kissing her all over her face. I kissed her upper lip first, then her lower lip. We were soon locked in a passionate lip-lock that led to tongue lashing for nearly 20 mnts – she found my hard-on to hold in her hand.
After this lovely kissing session, I started to unclasp her bra, she took off her thong herself and pulled down my short as I took off my shirt. Her small frame was amazingly smooth and glowing with her firm breasts wth pointed nips. I laid her onto the bed and began kissing her all the way down to her smooth thighs. I then opened her thighs wide and felt her engorged warm pussy. I started kissing her thighs, and she moaned in pleasure.
I then moved up to stroke and lightly massage her boobs till I felt the rigid core inside her her tits. I went on massaging each of her boobs, tugging on her small nips. I took a break to bring the bottle of maple syrup from the dining room next to the bedroom and poured it on both of her boobs. After that, I spent a long time kissing and licking her firm boobs with the syrup. She was too excited and moaning – she was loving it and she loved me doing it to her …
Shed move her hand down and took my hard throbbing cock in her hands, my cock moving on her boobs and navel. She then began to move it around her body before ultimately grabbing my cock in her small mouth. I was amazed by her skill! She gave me a fantastic blow-job. She was breathing hard and I took my cock out of her mouth well before I shot my cum! I changed my position to finger her wet pussy with one finger first, then added another. It was a little tight – most Asian woman of her age have tight pussies!! She began moaning loudly. She asked me to bite her clit lightly while fingering her - a kink one would hardly find in white women!!
I opened her brown pussy lips by my fingers, the inner past the slit was bright red and shining with juices, and her moaning grew louder, and she was breathing hard as I tried to push my tongue inside her cunt - she groaned ‘harder’…
I could not control myself now. I moved up to rub my knob of my cock along her pussy-slit, pre-cum flowing and I slowly pushed my cock into her juice flowing pussy slowly because her vaginal entrance was tight. My knob was just inside her now and rested for a few minutes and then inserted in some more of my hardness, she was squeezing my cock now as I was able to push more of my throbbing cock inside her!! And I started in and out of her pussy in sync with her thrusting up her pelvis and she was having a great time. I finally pushed my entire cock into her pussy. After some slow movements she seemed to moan in pleasure. I intensified my fucking of this horny woman breathing hard. I began fucking her deeper in rapid sequence. I was was flooded with beastly instinct to rip her cunt, plow her deeper as she raised her legs higher to wrap around my waist. She screamed whenever my cock touched the end of her vagina and she squirted some pees with each of my thrusts. This went on for about 20 minutes when we came together almost at the same time and I collapsed upon her ….

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    • So how much did she charge you?

    • $500 plus dining and winning... it was worth for her company.

    • This was on the top her usual escort-fees ....

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