Fuck and Suck

My girlfriend has asked me if I would do something for her.
She starting by saying she loves sucking my cock deep down her throat and that i love fucking her face before taking her pussy. I said yeah you love it and I love fucking your face and pussy so much.

She said I want you to do something when were are fucking. I said like what.
She said her work friend gay Steve, as she calls him fancy you and he's told me he would love it if you would play with his cock as you are fucking me.
I was a bit surprised by this. I asked her "he wants me to wank his cock while we fuck"? Not just that she said.
I asked what else? She went quiet for a bit and said, I would love to watch you do it and the thought of it gets me wet and horny as fuck.

I asked what else? She said. I would like to see you do this as much as Gay Steve. He's asked me if you would suck his cock as you fuck me.
My reply was WTF? She said that she would love to see me suck a cock so that I would know what it feels like to have a cock in my mouth
She kept on talking about it and told me about how Steve has always thought that I was hot and he's fantasised about me sucking his cock. After a month or so and many blowjobs and rimming from her I agreed. I said OK very reluctantly. Her smile was all across her face. She text Steve to tell me. A couple of night later Gay Steve came round and as he came in he gave me a hug and then kissed me on the mouth and pushed his tongue in my mouth, I felt my tongue flicking at his.
We had a few drinks and my girlfriend said in a very sexy voice " Ok boys it time". She took us both by the hands to the bedroom. She stripped down to her bra and panties. I stripped next and Gay Steve looked at my cock and smiled. He then stripped and his massive cock had already started to get hard. I was impressed by his size. My girlfriend friend to my cock in her mouth and she reached over and grabbed Steve's cock and pulled him close. She took my hand and put it on his cock and made me rub it. Steves moaning made my girlfriend suck me harder and faster which made me wank Steve even more.
My girlfriend stopped sucking me a shouted at me FUCK ME AND SUCK STEVE NOW. I moved and took my cock and started to fuck her cunt and at this point Steve stood above my girlfriends head so her face was under his cock. His cock was pointing at me and she shouted TAKE HIS FUCKING COCK IN YOUR MOUTH NOW. Suck him I want to see you do it. So I took his cock in my hand and opened my mouth. I pulled his foreskin and put it in my mouth and licked it. Steve moan. I kinda liked it so I started to slide my mouth up and down on his cock faster and my cock was deep inside my girlfriend. Steve put his hands on my head and he started to fuck my mouth as I fucked my girl. She started to cum and she was screaming with pleasure, she grabbed Steve's balls and milked them until Steve shot his load in my mouth as I was Cummin in my girlfriends cunt. Steve's cum was thick and sticky and tasted quite nice. I swallowed it all, my spunk was running out of her cunt and I could believe what Steve did. He went around the other side of the bed and went down on my girlfriend to lick my spunk off her. When she was clean he came up and took my limp cock in his mouth to clean the dribbles of cum off it. This aroused me and my girlfriend. She said "baby let Steve suck you of cos I'm going to sit on your face so you can rim my ass"
My tongue went up her ass and Steve's mouth went up and down my now hard cock. I was lost in the moment and gay Steve was giving me an amazing blowjob and was fingerings my ass. I was eating my girls ass and pussy she was on the edge of cummin again as I was. This went on for a while and then I shot my load again but in Steve's mouth he took the fucking lot. I worked her cunt and ass until she came again on my face.

Now we do this once or twice a week. I kinda like sucking Steve's cock as I fuck my girlfriend

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    • I extremely enjoy sucking both of your cocks with my tiny little horny tight mouth and swallowing all of your juice cum ps yrej

    • Great story.

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