Need to suck

Hi 55 white male forced to suck cock

1 month ago


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    • I also have a glory hole at my place and have three or four regulars, two of which come by just about daily. I do not even place ads much at all with about eight of them messaging me when they want to come over. I have had six in one day stop by and all of them enjoy the hell out of it.

    • I started a glory hole about a year and half ago and have lost count of how many different guys have shown up. I have about five or six regulars that come by just about daily. I cover most with an extra large condom and know one has ever complained about it. I suck them to completion and beyond then clean them up with a damp cloth and they all have enjoyed it.

    • How do you start a gloryhole? I mean, is there advertising involved?

    • Skywriting mostly

    • Too dangerous, bro. Too many STDs out there.

    • If you are only sucking and not getting fucked, it is less risky.

    • Thats not 100% true a lot of STI's can be transferred simply by kissing or oral. STD's and STI's are rising right now in the gay community.

    • Listen to Miss KnowItAll. She knows it all because she's a "nurse." Guess you should just live in a plastic bubble!

    • You are a dumb fuck. If you hook up with random strangers your odds of catching something goes up greatly.
      A glory hole is a disease spreading, fastest way to catch an STI or STD. I know, we end up treating you ass holes all the time. One look at your chart tells it all.

      Yes we get once married men with HIV and are now homeless and strung out on drugs or alcohol because they fucked up their lives! Their wives left them, their children, families and friends won't speak to them and they turned to drugs and alcohol and are on our floor to dry out or detox off drugs and fight staph infections and other medical problems they have.
      Most of them are nasty and violent to all the people on the floor. They blame everyone else for the situation they are in. Security sometimes has to sit with them to keep them under control or they are in restraints.

      Since a lot are homeless they stay for long times until social workers can find them a place to live.They have to beg the family members to take them home and a lot of times they won't. When they get discharged then a few months later we get them right back with the same drug and alcohol dependence plus new infections on them. They can't afford their medications so they are not taking them. This goes on till one day they are found dead from a medical emergency, drug overdose, alcoholism or suicide. We have one nurse that finds them in obituaries and tell us that so and so is dead.

      There is lots of reasons that people are homeless and drug addicts and homosexual behavior is one of them.
      You want to go to glory holes then be prepared for the consequences of your actions. You might be fucking or sucking off one of those homeless people we treated.

    • So what you're saying is, glory holes are awesome?

    • Prunecunt is saying that drugs are awesome, and that gloryholes are a byproduct of that

    • Prunecunt is not a word moron. prune-cunt is the right way to spell it idiot.

    • Were Prunecunt not her actual given Christian name you might be right.

    • Me too. I’m in Springfield Missouri. Who has a cock for me. I’m in the Hyatt Hotel downtown.

    • In room 610 this evening….

    • Did you enjoy it in your wet mouth?

    • Did not happen

    • LOL

    • Flint the sucker

    • Fuck you nanny0816 You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • I’ve got a cock for you to suck close to flint

    • How one could be FORCED to suck ... unless both are agreeable to do it?

    • A lost bet

    • I was 10 the first time I touched and sucked on a cock

    • And now that you're 11 it's time you took one in the ass

    • I lost a series of bets to my friends and exs daughter it was her idea on me sucking and having to find them, I am having trouble finding

    • My advice is find the busiest street in your town, extend your hand in greeting to every gentleman who passes and say pleasantly, "how do you do, may I suck your cock?"

    • A particular cock(s) or just randomcocks?

    • Random

    • Forced how? What actually happened?

    • Yes, tell the rest of the story.

    • I lost a series of bets to my friends and exs daughter it was her idea on me sucking and having to find them. I am having trouble finding

    • Lost bet now I am being forced to suck cock

    • Can you just say "no"?

    • No I tried

    • And if you simply don't do it, just what would they do? It's not like they can go you court and get an order to require you to suck dick. Are they gangsters? Will they beat you? Shoot you? Kill you?

    • Actually it's court-ordered by the district judge!

    • Don't be ridiculous. If they told you that, they're liars, and not very good at lying. Tell them to go fish! Better yet, tell them to go suck a dick!

    • Oh dear!

    • Who forced you?

    • Out of what?

    • Friends

    • Did you like it

    • Or trying to figure out how to do it

    • Not yet done trying to find away out

    • There is no way out

    • Iam starting to realize that. But I can't find any

    • Try personal ads (be discreet) and check into local gyms and fitness clubs.

    • Once you've gotten the meat in you there's no getting off of it. None. Soon you'll find yourself in the restroom of a gay bar, with one in your mouth, one in your ass, and one in each hand. And that still won't be enough to satisfy your ravenous hunger for the meat.

    • Oh I hope not

    • You'll love sucking, but even if you don't you will be addicted!

    • Are you

    • All are addicted. Cocks are all. All shall become slave to the cock. HAIL THE COCK

    • You are exactly right to use "slave", because once you get a taste for cock and cum, you will no longer be making a "choice" or have ANY personal control over the desire . . . but will be completely out of control and will do anything to get more cock and cum. You'll be a cock zombie. You'll just be responding to your rabid faggotry. Then, you'll want it up the ass, and then, ATM. Good luck, you cock-loving fuckbag!!

    • Cock-Loving Fuckbags Local 283

    • Thank you! It's ALWAYS good to hear from the rank and file down at the local!!

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