My wife's subtle changes with regard to sex and her attire

We've been about 7 yrs. Both work in an office environment. She is still gorgeous 5'5" reddish brown hair green eyes 126lb I'm 5'11" brown hair brown eyes. Both mid 30's. She does go out time to time with her girlfriends some single married or divorced, and plays softball with some of them. At work she's all business, pant suits or business type dresses. When She's out its short jean skirt and cotton halter top. We'd go shopping and she didn't at first buy sexy revealing dresses, backless types and short or shear blouses to wear or where her butt is noticeable. But after 6 months or so,I noticed her pattern in our love making turned more vocal as she voiced her desire to be 'fucked harder" or hear her murmur ' fuck my hot pussy" as She would say, She gets so hot she likes to express herself by being "nasty" WHAT!!?? I didn't say anything, but ok...I was enjoying myself as She started buying some revealing clothes. She'd ask me is this "too short" can you see my butt, mind you She was so damn sexy and I was excited to see her affect on other men, which turned out to be very erotic. We went to a wedding about 70 miles away, and stayed at a resort we reserved for 2 days, and She wore a sexy revealing skirt and satin blouse. She loves to dance, me I've got a bad right knee, so after a few turns I'm ok watching her. She's bit of a tease & flirt, and in no time a few guys in a group were buying us both drinks and she was coy at first, but had a very alluring sexual presence. Watching her sitting with her legs crossed with her gorgeous toned thighs & ass and sexy small feet with her heel dangling was spellbinding, you can tell these guys were sexually aroused, and I knew how hot her She gets, so I excused myself to run to my room to check on something and asked them to keep an eye on her until I return. She said, honey I'll be fine. So off I went, I said I'll give her 20-25 minutes, if She's still there, I grab her and return to our room where we'll fuck. If She wants to do something else, then i'm all in. So I head back down. and one of the guys is at the bar, but I don't see my girl. He tells me . oh She just left with his buddies upstairs cause the Lounge is closing soon and we invited you both to our Suite so I've been waiting for you . I said, cool, lets go. When we entered the room, the music was on from a bluetooth device, She was dancing slow with one of the guys who was grinding up against her, he was a older light skin black guy had one hand under the back of her blouse and the other on her butt squeezing it as She slowly started sliding her vagina against the shaft of his cock. I didn't say anything. Another guy who removed his shirt, joined them, by coming up from behind her, rubbing her breasts and grinding his shaft against her butt. In an instant the first guy had unbuttoned her blouse and was kissing her deeply as she opened her arms and he removed her blouse, then 2nd guys undid her skirt, and she stepped out of it as she stood there in her high heels, the 1st guy picked her up placing her on a bed She unzipped his trousers and pulled out this massive hugh throbbing cock, and was stroking it and then started licking it, the 2nd guy knelt in front of her and started licking her pussy, She had both knees bent and her legs spread as he licked her clit and massaged her pussy. I was getting very aroused watching my wife being seduced laying there naked and would soon hear her moan and see her being fucked by 3 different men as she desired. Each man fucked her, each had different love making styles and my Wife pleasured each of them. None of it was threatening or anyway mistreatment. She did freshen up got dressed, and touched up her make up, and a one guy passed out, as She sat there with her breasts exposed and her legs crossed and her pouty pussy flips exposed, I stood next to her and kissed her deeply as she stuck out her tongue, I picked her up and put her on the bed, she removed her skirt & blouse, and I stated fucking my wife I asked Her what her hot pussy needs and of course She pants fat cock, and afterwards the other 2 guys joined in and fucked her again. We left they're Suite after 5am, We both showered and fell out didn't get up until after 4p. I started rubbing her swollen pussy lips and She said, oh god oh babe my pussy is so hot...lets wait please. I think my wife is now a horny Wife that loves to fuck other Guys. We're planning to go to Mexico on Thanksgiving for 5 days. I'll post an update if a similar event occurs.

2 months ago

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