Suck a cock

I'm a 54 year old bloke and I've received blowjobs from woman and I fucking love um. The last one I had she went down on me and then started to rim my ass. It was fucking amazing.
I've been thinking about how a blow job feels to receive and my mind has been going to the other side and what it would be like to actually suck a cock. Ive never had any gay thoughts, I'm curious about what a hard cock would feel like in my mouth. I know what mine feels like hard but to hold another man's hard solid cock in my hand and then to put it in my mouth and on my tongue is appealing to me. I'm not thinking of taking his cum, but I will suck him until he's about to and get him to cum somewhere. I may lick the end of his cock just to see what it tastes like.
Am I a freak thinking about sucking another man's cock? Why am I thinking of doing it? I've never thought about it before.
Where can I meet someone willing to respect the fact I don't what a mouthful of cum? Some one please help me out, I'm in the Bristol area UK

1 year ago


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    • I wondered about how it would feel like myself. So one day I did it and sucked a guy off. It was great. I enjoyed the feeling of his hardness going in and out. He emptied his balls in my mouth and I didn't care. It was awesome. I live in Newport if you want to meet up one day

    • OMG your the first person who's replied and you've made me think yes.
      I'm in Bristol so Newport isn't to far. How can I get in contact with you and not on here. I have email
      Please message me on there


    • I will email you

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