Volunteer Cum Dumpster

I have a step sister a bit younger than me. She's sort of chunky with tits that kind of bounces, I deliberately walked in when she was showering to see her nude body. She did the same to me and said, " Very nice! " I guess we both was looking for dirty action.
Then one day when no one was home she barged into my room bra less with a thin loose fitting blouse exposing her breast thru the button area. She was cursing her mother out. I never heard her talk so nasty. My step sister told me her mother was letting this guy my step sister just met grope her. " I'm surprised she hasn't shown interest in you with the package that you have. Grope me please! I want your cum! " Her dirty talk was turning me on. She opened her blouse and shouted to me to grope her sexy tits. "Let me see that package again. Don't be shy , I know you want to do my flabby body! " She then tells me she wants my thick cum in her and wants to feel it inside her. She willing to do me whenever her mother wasn't around. Get filled by me like I'm doing her now. " I want to be your cum dumpster!" she shouted as she grind her kitty into me. Then she tells me my package is something that horny thick sexless gals wants, holding her loose jugs for me with a big grin on her face.

1 year ago

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    • I need a women thats a total cum dumpster! Ive wasted a whole lot of my babybatter thinking about my sister in law Jenn!

    • My younger sis is a bitch in heat - always. For about 3 yrs she would sneak into my bed at every night to be fucked by me. I did love her slim body, bouncing tits, thick pussy lips to suck on and enjoy fucking her. But every night? It was too much for me at one stage. However, I was saved when she found a black bf, who she said to have a better cock than me!!

    • Hopefully you got to watch that

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