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My wife and I live a swingers lifestyle, but this story is about how we got started to begin with.

She and I hadn't been married very long, only a year when I asked her if she wanted to try swinging. That did not go over well. Mostly because she has low self-esteem, and she figured no one would want her. Never mind the fact that she's beautiful.

Five years into our marriage, and 2 kids later, she was totally convinced I was blind and couldn't see how ugly she truly was. On the contrary, this woman has a killer body. Not an ounce of fat, no tiger strips, and a perfect set of tits. Granted her ass is a little small, but her tits more than make up for that.

When this all happened, she and I were on vacation to the USVI. I had regular over the years, asked her about swinging, especially during sex to get things a little heated up. Anyway, she and I had gone for dinner, and she was wearing a sexy little black dress that really showed off her tits nicely.

She had gotten up and went to the bathroom. When she returned, she was red faced and kind of giggly. I asked her what was going on, and that's when she pointed put a guy at the bar. She said he was coming out of the restroom when she was trying to get to the ladies restroom. Evidently he started talking to her and flat out propositioned her. He told her she was beautiful, and if she wanted to have sex with him, he would be more than willing.

I asked her what she said, and she told me she declined his offer. I asked why, and she says all matter a factly because I'm married!!! As I looked at him, I could tell he was absolutely her type. He basically could of passed as my brother. So I knew she thought he was hot. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him, and followed it up with the fact that he was her type. Then I added in her giddiness, and she admitted that he was hot.

I asked her again if she wanted to fuck him, and she responded by asking me if I would be mad. I assured her I wouldn't. That's when she admitted that she did want to fuck him. I told her to go over and get it setup. And after several minutes of hesitation, she finally walked over. I had no idea what they discussed, but she was was standing rather close to him, almost in between his legs.

She finally returned and had his cellphone number. She had told him if we decided to go forward with the sex, we would give him a call. I asked about her standing so close, and after some additional hesitation, she admitted that she felt him up through his shorts. I asked if he was big, and her response was OH YEAH.

Later that night as I was fucking her, I kept talking about what it would be like if he were there fucking her right then. She got so hot and horny that that she climaxed harder than I had ever seen her before. I asked her if she wanted to call him for real, and she said maybe the next night.

The following night we were once again getting hot and heavy. I had removed her panties and was eating her pussy when she asked if I wanted her to call that guy. I paused long enough to say yes. A few minutes later I could hear her phone on speaker. She was trying to tell the guy that she was getting her pussy eaten and she wanted him to come over and fuck her after I got done.

Several minutes and a few orgasms later, we heard a knock on the door. Sure enough it was the guy. My wife and him wasted no time removing his clothes. My wife was right, he had a big dick. He quickly put on a condom and took my position between her legs. He rubbed his cock on her pussy, but she was already wet and ready. She grabbed his ass, and pulled him inside her. I watched as he plunged in her coming to rest with his balls against her ass. She arched her back and let out a squeal. It was on.

I watched as this guy fucked my wife in ever position. He fucked her missionary, then flipped her around and fucked her doggie style. Then she jumped on top and rode him before laying her on her side and fucking her spoon. They finished up back in the missionary position where he filled the condom with his jizz. I will never forget the sight of that wet condom filled with cum, dragging out of my wife's pussy, still attached to his big dick. We both said our goodbyes and showed him to the door. My wife and I had very different sex that night as I reclaimed her as my own.

After we returned home, I asked her if she wanted to continue what we started. She wanted to put it on hold until after the kids had grown up. But that didn't stop us from reaching out to this same guy and planning our vacations in USVI at the same time. All total, she would end up fucking this guy 7 more times over the years. After the kids grew up and left for college, my wife found a swingers group that we now socialize with.

We haven't been friends with the group very long, but we did our first full swap a month ago with a nice couple. I'm not sure my wife was okay with it, but she's getting better now that we've met a few times. I still find it rather exciting knowing that my wife is fucking another guy in the other bedroom. His wife and I finished before them last time, and we could hear the slapping and moaning of them fucking. It got me hard again, and we fucked a second time.

His wife is nice and all, and I like fucking her. Even if she is a little more round (not fat by no means), but a little more round. She does have bigger tits than my wife though, so I guess that is a plus. But I get horny knowing my wife is being fucked by someone else, and that I will get to reclaim her when we get home.

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