I stole her panties

Yesterday I was working at a ladies house working on some electrical issues that she had. I arrived at her house and when she opened the door I was almost ready to cum in my pants! she was so fine! she is 42 years old and so fucking sexy, she was wearing black leggings that showed off her perfect body. she showed me the problem and I got out my tools and started to work. a short time later she said she was leaving for a few hours. I was in her home alone and decided to take a look in her bedroom. I was looking for her panties. I opened the top drawer of her dresser and it was filled with thongs of every color and fabric that there is. I picked a white lace thong to take home to enjoy later. Then I found her laundry basket and right on top I spot a red satin thong that must have been recently worn. I could still smell her twat . I pulled out my cock and layed in her bed and jerked off and blew a huge fucking load all over the panty. when I got home i jerked off into the white one. I will return to her house today and finish up the job and return the thong I borrowed. Hope to get the panties she wore yesterday

1 month ago

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    • I am a contractor by trade and my wife and I know this older couple who wanted me to renovate their bedroom in their house. The husband is just lazy and sits around watching football and sports all the time, that is, if he's not golfing.
      The wife if very attractive for her age. She would have been late 60's as she just retired from her job. I met her at the house and she was showing me what she wanted in place of some built in closets they had.
      When I came back a few days later to start the work, the husband wasn't home so I spoke to the wife. I noticed a couple of cardboard boxes stacked up and a garbage bag. She said she had cleaned out the drawers and if I could throw away the bag and donate her clothes somewhere. I told her that I would as the boxes were heavy and loaded them into my truck.
      When I got home that night, I went into the garage and started to go through the trash bag and I couldn't believe what I found. There were old pants, blouses, panties, slips, bras, pantyhose, even a couple pairs of worn heels and sandals. I didn't know where to begin as I wanted everything. I first went for the panties and picked out a light blue pair with lace edges. I smelled the crotch first. It smelled amazing. I took down my pants and wrapped the panties around my cock. I then reached in and took a sandal out and sniffed
      it while I jerked off. Within minutes, I shot globs and globs of warm cum into her silk panties. Fearing the wife would be home soon, I hid them in my truck.
      When my wife came home she noticed the boxes of clothing, but I never told her about the garbage bag I still have.

    • I have a hidden camera in our bedroom for the nanny. I caught my hubby’s friend going through our draws, and he took some panties and dirty ones too, he actually took a whole outfit, expect the shoes. I wanted to confront him, but I’m also excited someone would do that

    • My wife bought a teddy-bear nanny-cam thing and I watched the video of her brother smelling and stroking his dick with my wife/his sister's panties. I never told either of them I saw that and erased it, I figured wtf but let it go. He wants to be a weirdo I figured good on him.

    • This weekend I went to a wake at a friends house, he died of cancer and after the funeral we were all there eating. He leaves behind a bereaved wife (hot) and 20-year-old daughter (super hot) and I snagged dirty panties from both their rooms while they were downstairs AND from the laundry room! I've been rubbing them on my cock since and shooting huge loads! Now I wonder if his ghost is watching and what he will do, but, I bet he understands.

    • Of course he does!

    • I did that when I worked as a plumber
      But I shot cum all over her panties and dresser, got caught cleaning it up— it was worth it, otherwise I might’ve stayed a fucking plumber

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