Shit ropes

2 weeks ago my wife was in the living room and i came out to living room after putting our 3 year old daughter to bed to discover my girl watching porn but not just any porn it was just a black guy jerking off in front of the camera. She was just watching not masterbating. We have been together for over 8 years and have been pretty open with each other about everything.
My wife told me to sit down next to her and as she watched. I think i discovered she might have a new fetish. Watching black men jerk off As we watched this dude jerk off which He had a rather large cock
The black guy in the video started to moan louder and then he shot about 7 ropes of cum at a fast and far distance. My wife shouted while giggling "oh my God if he were fucking me and cum inside me like that I would for sure be instantly pregnant." "Probably be pregnant with twins."

I wasn't sure what to say as I couldn't believe my wife's response along with im shocked at the amount of cum from that guy. When I have sex with my wife its only ever a teaspoon or two I dribble out my cock. I'm no where near the shooting power nor volume of cum this black man shot. I just said to my wife wow that's crazy what we just saw.
Think My wife liked it so much she repeated the scene at least two more times as he moaned and shot explosive loads.

1 month ago


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    • Let her fuck a black guy and watch..

    • I don't know what's worse, her fucking a black guy or him watching

    • I think that your wife wants to be fucked by a black man and him to come in her and get her pregnant. What do you think about raising a black baby?

    • It crossed my mind she might have a little interest. I would have to think more on that baby topic.

    • Yes we certainly need more of THOSE

    • Sounds like you need to abandon her and move into a cave, tiny useless shit-tard

    • Don’t listen to this piece of shit, the comment I’m replying to needs to go hangout with his best friend noose

    • I agree, hang the black man!

    • Is there any room in the cave you live in?

    • No, a bunch of negroes moved into the neighborhood and now the cave is full of grape drank, Afro-Sheen and stolen bikes

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