Secret Slut

My brother and I knew something dirty was going on in our family when we was growing up. It involved our grandma, dad's mom, mom's mother-in-law, being at our house regularly. My brother and I used to joke about how small mom's tits where compared to dad's mom, our grandmother. Grandma use to have a hot ass when younger.
Grandma's birthday was coming up. We asked mom if she and dad was going to host a party for her. "Dad and uncle Joe is at grandma's helping her out with her present. " Then mom said for us to shower first before we go there. "You might want to thank me for sending you two over there." said mom with a smile.
The house door was unlocked and no one was about in the living room or kitchen area. There was a bottle of booze on the kitchen counter and my brother and I gulped down a few shots. Then we heard grandma from the bedroom upstairs. We went up and never imagine this was happening. All three of them was naked and grandma was lying on her bed fingering herself. "I see your mother sent you over to be part of my birthday present. " Dad explained that grandma desired younger cocks and wanted a gang bang party instead of a birthday party. Uncle Joe was sucking on granny's fat nipple that she has on her saggy big tit and Dad was poking the other tit with his dick. "Come closer and take those pants off showing me your hot looking dicks." My brother was on one side of the bed and I was on the other side and grandma grabbed the cocks.
Uncle Joe and dad pulled on each other's dicks as they watched their mother sucked on our cocks. My brother and I took turns in humping that hairy pussy while dad and uncle Joe pushed their cocks down granny's throat.
It seemed my brother and I was to last to know how about granny. Our older sister and mom knew grandma was addicted to sex. They would let grandma join in when dad was pleasing them. It became our duty to pleasure mom and big sister as grandma fed her tits to them and masturbated her clit as she watched us.

1 month ago

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    • When I was 14 my grandmother caught me peaking while she was bathing. That night I found out that she loved cock, she gave me my first blow-job, and swallowed every drop. minutes later I was pounding her cunt until she came (I didn't know why she was shaking and groaning) and I followed by pumping a big wad into her awesome cunt. And before the night was over I fucked her ass until she came, then begged me to stop. It was a few minutes before I managed to put together a load for her ass. I got to fuck her 3 or 4 times a week that summer and it was something I'll never forget, and to this day I have yet to find a woman who can suck cock as good as my dear old grandmother. She told me after our second fuck that for as long as she can remember, she has always loved cock, no matter where it was in her, my favourite hole was her ass, I just loved how she squirmed and kicked, squealed and groaned while I hammered her ass.

    • Hot, wish i had a chance to fuck my whole family and not just my sister

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