Husband wants me to let dog lick my pussy

So, as the caption says my husband wants me to let our dog lick my pussy in front of him. I'm very conflicted on the situation. Has anyone ever done this? Do you like it? Does it makes you feel gross? Why does he want this?!

1 month ago

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    • I started when I was high school age and our family dog started licking the sweat off of my legs when I got home from Lacrosse practice. It was an incredibly hot humid day, I came home and stripped off my clothes and laid down on my bed under my fan. My legs were hanging off the bed and I felt him start at about my calves and did not even think about it. He stopped and I felt the bed moving and looked down at him trying to push his nose between my legs but was inches short. I slid down to the edge of the bed and let him do it, he licked on me until I pulled myself back after a huge orgasm mostly from me rubbing myself but his tongue felt amazing.
      I guess we had been married about five years when one evening our dog surprised me sticking his nose right into my crotch while I was bent over doing something. My husband laughed and made some comment about it and our dog knowing something good when he sniffed it. I set him up a few nights later telling him to lean back in his chair and I would give him a blow job. I was wearing one of his t-shirts and nothing else so when I got on my knees and began sucking on him I gave our dog all the access he needed and had been teasing myself for a bit so there would be a nice scent. It worked like a charm and minutes into a nice slow cock sucking our dog came up behind me and began not just sniffing but licking, my husband looked down and said something about was I okay with this and I just kept sucking him and winked.
      So long story to tell you that most guys will see this as a turn on.

    • Hot!

    • This was hot

    • Sounds like he really just wants to change things up and throw some kink into it. Try suggesting or doing some other kinky or sexy activities into the bedroom and see if you can distract him with a different kink or activity.

    • Your husband won't even lick it . Poor pooch

    • Sick fucks belong in prison poor dog

    • If you do do it then let us know what it was like, please

    • How low and fucked up must someone be to have sex with animals! That is so gross, nasty and something you will have to hide from your friends and family. Just think that the dog was just licking his or her ass to get a piece of shit off of it and then licks you there.
      Your husband is a sick fuck!
      Divorce him and get someone that worships you and your body and won't let anyone or animal touch you that way.

    • It's another way to experience amazing orgasms but different from anything else you've tried. I love it and I'm sure you will too.

    • I do it and it feels great

    • Let him lick your clit, you’ll love it. Eventually you’ll let the dog Fuck you and trust me, once he knots inside of you, you’ll have the most explosive orgasms of your life. Start out by putting peanut butter on your clit

    • Knots are the best

    • Fucking hot

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