People who like anal sex, any advise?

I'm visiting my boyfriend Friday and I want to try anal. He's already said we could in the past, but the idea of it being painful made me hesitant, and it low-key killed the mood. So we ended up doing some heavy foreplay instead and he ended up fingering my ass to get me off.

The thing is, aside from me not wanting it to hurt, neither of us know what we are doing when it comes to anal. I don't need to know the whole process because I have a fairly good idea (lube is your best friend and going slow at first is the key), but I don't want it to be a bad experience. I want it to feel as good as everyone says it is. Advise and tips are appreciated!

1 month ago


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    • Stretch your hole by inserting your finger/s. Your partner may well do it for you - first one finger, then two and few days later three fingers, always using lubes. Alternatively, use medium size dildo to anal fuck for a few days. Then go for the real thing.... Assume doggie position. Ask your partner to lube his cock well and your hole, let him first push in his knob, feel the girth and warmth, then push back your ass towards him - he too will reciprocate and insert his cock deeper. Let you have the half of it, squeeze it and feel the pleasure. Soon you will get accustomed to it and ask him to thrust deeper. After a few minutes, ask him to fuck you anally at quick pace....

    • Get AIDS

    • Don't get AIDS

    • If you don't feel safe about anal then don't do it! It is your body and you have full control over it.

    • Don't listen to that fag! You should go to the roughest part of town dressed like a twink with a half-shirt that says "FUCK MY ASS!" and prance around.

    • Take it hard and deep without lube so there's lots of blood

    • Stretch your anus using dildo with enough lube. You my start with finger of your partner, first two then three. If can take three, then you are ready for penetration by any cock (but don't forget lube).

    • Toys might help too. I'm a trans girl and when my lover fucks my ass he jerks me off or uses toys on me. Depending on how big your boyfriend is it will take some getting used to. But if him fingering your ass is getting you off then I'd say you'll have a good time. When you get used to it let him pound you hard in the future, there is nothing like it.

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