Chris-Chan Raped His/Her Mother

I'm sure most of you if not all of you know who Chris-Chan is? The biggest Manchild on the whole internet and the creator of that God Awful Sonichu Comic. Well years ago he had a Sex Change despite years on insulting the LGBTQ Community and now Chris-Chan is going to Jail after Raping his/her own Mother.

For the longest time Chris-Chan has done so much shit over the years from revealing his Home Address to Macing a Gamestop Employee in the Face after Chris-Chan Vandalized a Sonic Boom Display, and him and his Mother tried to run over a Store Owner that kicked Chris out for being a pain in everyone's ass.

This loser seriously needs to grow up and act like an adult then maybe he would be a more acceptable member of society. but this is Chris-Chan we're talking about and this guy/gal is never going to grow up because he does nothing but vandalize, throw tantrums, harassing women who he/she views as "Boyfriend Free Girls" and he/she never learns from past mistakes.

Now to top all of that Chris Chan must have been so desperate that he RAPED HIS/HER OWN MOTHER. Barb Chandler is an 80 Year Old Woman with Dementia and Chris Chan raped her like how fucking sick is that? Now Chris Chan is in Jail and while the arrest was being livestreamed the idiot mentioned the "Dimensional Merge" which we all know Chris Chan is way too far detached from reality and needs to be locked up in an Insane Asylum somewhere.

Looks like it's Game Over for Sonichu.

2 months ago

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    • He’s trans. Trans dudes like to say they’re women. That makes them by definition mentally ill. Does it surprise anyone that the mentally ill rape their geriatric mothers?

      It does not. Because they are mentally ill.

    • You sound more than a little mentally ill yourself.

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