Ben wa balls

My wife and a friend of hers bought Ben wa balls to try, These balls are about the size of golf balls tied together with a braided silk threads, these balls are called weighted, they are hollow with a heavy marble size ball inside, this heavy ball rolls back and forth inside this causes a sensation that feels really good to women. This keeps her horny and ready to fuck , she uses them when we go for a car ride, she says just rocking in a rocking chair is very good. She says she wishes that we had an old pick up truck and an old very bumpy country road to drive on. She thinks that would be wonderful.

1 month ago

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    • I'm trans and I put them in my ass cuz I thought they'd stimulate my prostate and make me shoot ten feet? But I guess it's not quite the same as a g-spot. My bf told me to rub Ben-Gay on them first and that was a really bad idea.

    • My wife tried these and told me she did not feel anything except filled.

    • Same here. My wife said she didn't get what it was supposed to do for her, except feel like she had something crammed up her snatch. She did wear one of those wearable remote control vibrators though. She liked that as long as I didn't turn it on when she was trying to talk to someone. LMFAO.

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