My hot fuck buddy

I was in the sales division of my company. we had many social events. i was attracted to this hot petite blonde haired blue eyed woman. she had a tight hot body and was very friendly. i was married and she was getting married to an Asian guy. she was from San Francisco and i was from Dallas so we only saw each other at multi day business events when she had to stay the night.

It all started at one such event. everyone partied pretty heavy since there was an open bar and we stayed at the same hotel so no one had to drive. the evening ended at 12:30am and Liz was very drunk. she began to cry because she thought someone had stolen her purse. i walked to her to quiet her down because she was making a scene and i didn't want her to get in trouble with her boss. another woman asked if she could help. since i knew where Liz was sitting i asked her to go fetch her purse. when she did Liz settled down.

Liz was too drunk to walk so i held her up the best i could and took her back to her room. i got her inside and she asked me to wait while she used the bathroom. a few minutes later i heard a commotion and asked if she was ok, apparently she fell off the toilet and into the tub. her silk dress got partially wet from the toilet.

once i got her out of the bathroom she was now too drunk to stand. i told her that i was going to undress her and put her to bed, she nodded that she understood.

i took off her dress and hung it in the closet. then i took off her pantyhose. leaving her in her bra and panties. as i bent down to help her up and to bed she pulled me on top of her and said "fuck me!"

from that day forward whenever she was in town we were fuck buddies. she told me she loved my cock because i was bigger than her fiancé. she let me fuck her in any hole i wanted. she had a sweet tight pussy and an even tighter asshole . she was a lot of fun. i was sorry to see that end

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    • College freshman year I got a job at a union supermarket. Hired because I was big and could walk many 160# hind quarter 50 feet off the truck on my shoulder. I did other things, rap meat, displayed it. 2 divorcee cashiers would give me blowjobs on break. One was pretty 7.5 out of 10, 42 kids, the other 6, 38, big tits, kids. The 6 and I would make out, play with her tits, About the 5th time she gets all hot and gives me a BJ, I cum in her mouth. She sorta runs off right after, embarrassed. I didn't want to cum on her nice pink co frock. A week goes by, I think she's mad, she's never on break when I am. I got to punch out for break. "Joey, don't punch out yet, give me 2 minutes here, want your dick sucked?" <== whispered
      She says she wasn't pissed, couldn't believe how hard my cum came out, and had to get back to her registered. She tells the pretty one, soon they take turns.
      The pretty one invites me to her house, at 10PM, after her kids in bed, and I fuck her. She's a FWB for 4 years.
      they joke they practicing their blowjob skills on me for a future husband.
      Class of 71

    • Why did it end? Can't you still be FWBs outside your marriages? Can't the relationship be revived? And regularly renewed? It was clearly something special.

    • It was special. She got married and left my company. She's 1800 miles away so it ended.

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