I fucked my step mom

Ok so me and her where on holiday to Spain. Our return flight got delayed and the hotel could only give us a room with one bed .

1 month ago

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    • Fake assed incest propaganda. You didn't fuck anything but your hand.

    • ...says the loser who's sad he didn't get to fuck his stepmom!

    • Unlike you stupid sick fucks! I never had a stepmother. My parents stayed married until their death. Your stupid parents could not do the same thing. More than likely you where the reason for the divorce. Thats why you have a step parent in your pitiful lives.

    • Your parents stayed married until their death, which was a double suicide ten years after you were born because you were such an object of shame and derision! Then you lived in a foster home, being raped by gap-mouthed one-eyed drooling psychopaths until you went mad and retreated to your little room to tap away at the naughtyposts keyboard until your death from chronic masturbation thinking about toddler rape!

    • Once again wrong again ass hole. My parents where married 53 years when my father died and then my mother died nine years later! Just because what you said happened to you doesn't mean it happens to all kids. As for the rest of the gibberish you spewed well that is a sign of low IQ on your part.

    • Also ass hole my father and mother are still married and still live with me! I disinterred their corpses and they have an honored place in my home.

    • And u fukk them

    • Wrong again ass hole. We do not "fukk" we make love. You obviously have a low IQ to write such bull shit.

    • I always wanted to pound out my wife step mom! Id destroy that Mexican taco!

    • Mmmm! Me gusta taco pescado!

    • And did she whisper in your ear "now be a good boy and don't tell daddy" ?

    • And she made yo stank ass sleep on the floor.

    • Nice! Was she everything you had hoped for?

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