I saw porn and I hate myself. I feel guilt. I hated these kinda stuff, butt one day I saw a vid like that and it changed me bad. Sometimes I stop for twos days and thne see it again. It really hurts me and I can't forgive myself. I feel a little relief confessing this.

2 months ago

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    • You have an obsession and that's part of life. This could be a battle the rest of your life. Options are not great in stopping. Don't waste your money seeing a therapist, or a psychologist, they can't help, they just want your money. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication to stop the urges and compulsion which should free you from guilt. Perhaps after a long period of medication, your outlook and values may change or life circumstances my have the same effect. Take my advise as one who has tried all these things to control these compulsions, spent tens of thousands of dollars and got now where. The medication is your best bet. I wish you good luck.

    • Don't feel guilty about looking at people fucking, and being titillated. That's what porn is supposed to do. If you have misgivings about objectifying the human body, and sex, that's okay, too. It shows an endearing degree of sensitivity. I find kiddie porn and bestiality porn to be quite awful and unsettling because it involves subjects who don't know what's happening and aren't capable of consent. Just my two cents.

    • Porn is like sex because no matter how dirty and ashamed it makes you feel, you still go back and do it again later.

      I used to feel dirty and ashamed after sex or masturbation when I was younger but after I turned 40 I no longer feel guilt or shame after sex or masturbation but I really miss those feelings, eventhough they was negative and made me feel bad I would give anything to get those feelings of shame and guilt back again, especially feeling dirty, I miss feeling dirty the most.

    • Nothing wrong with some porn. But don't get porn addicted. Use your imagination sometimes.

    • Love Porn! Masturbate and make yourself feel amazing!

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