Sex as Payment

Have to ever used some form of sex as a payment or as a gift or to return a favor? Not necessarily full sex but something sexual.

1 month ago


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    • Ultimately this will lead to full sex, no doubt!! Be prepared for it.

    • We were running a little low on money one month after my wife lost her job. My job didn't pay enough to cover all of our expenses so we didn't have all the money to pay our rent. We were a hundred dollars short. My wife told me that the landlord had been by and he offered to discount the hundred dollars if she had sex with him. She told be that she did and that he had a bigger dick that me. It surprised me but I wasn't upset with her but I had an erection. While I fucked her I could feel the landlord's come around my dick.
      We continued having our rent reduced for the next year and I enjoyed fucking my wife's used cunt every month. The landlord sold the building and the new owner was an old man and my wife wouldn't fuck him. It was fun while it lasted.

    • I stole some shit from this clothing store at the mall and the security gaurd who was nasty all bald and had acne scars and was Mexican made me suck his stubby dick while he called me little emo slut I guess that’s actually more like blackmail then payment but whatever

    • Nice

    • My husband was useless with his hands. He could barley put together a lego set with our son. The house needed work, and we couldn’t afford it. So we had little projects to be completed here and there, the one contractor we hired was gorgeous, tall and muscular with baby blue eyes. I’ve seen him staring at me. Sex was almost nonexistent with my husband, I said fuck it, maybe he’ll fuck me and do the work around the house for cheap, and he sure did. For a full year we had our home renovated from top to bottom, and I was getting my fill as well

    • My landlady aged 45 directly asked me the favor of sex in exchange of an overdue rent as I was out of job for six months due to corona pandemic. OMG! she loved my young cock!!

    • That's rape! You should both go to jail for incest!

    • I was a single mom in my 40's, divorced and living above a garage in an apartment over the main house. I had lost my job due to a downsize in the economy. My daughter was in college. My landlords were a nice older retired couple in their 60's.
      I know I was behind two months rent. Whenever I saw the couple outside I made excuses just so I could stay a bit longer as I searched for a job.
      I had just gotten home one afternoon when I heard a knock on the door . I noticed it was my landlord. I invited him inside. He said that he needed the rent otherwise he and his wife were going to have to evict me. I told him that I really needed more time. He said that he would give me to the end of the month and started to walk towards the door. I said "wait...before you go..let me suck your cock..for letting me stay". He said his wife was home so I had to make it quick. I told him not to say anything to anyone. I kneeled down and quickly unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his zipper and surprisingly, his cock was thick, much thicker than my ex. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed down as I sucked him. Within a minute he said he was going to cum and flooded my mouth with warm cum. He tasted good too. I thanked him and he left, for now.
      About a week later, he came over carrying a toolbox. I asked him what that was for. He said he told his wife that I had called to fix a leaky faucet. I let him in and I took him to my bedroom were I again sucked his cock.
      I ended up getting a job that I had interviewed for but continued to suck him off for free rent for about a year, but I did it all for my daughter!

    • At my husband company Christmas party I over heard his boss say he wasn’t receiving the promotion, and we needed that promotion. I approached his boss Tim and questioned him, trying to convince that my husband did deserve it. Finally he states to me the only way for me to have sex with him. I was so pissed, before I could even get the words out, Tim says have sex with me 3 times, agree to 3 times and I’ll announce the promotion tonight. 1 in the office, 2 in your car, 3 in your bed. He gave me his card, and said I’ll be awaiting your response. Tim wasn’t horrible looking, definitely doable. I texted him back just 3 right? He said just 3 times, but he doesn’t use condoms, I could spit if I don’t want to swallow, and some pics and videos. And I could take some pics as evidenced if he didn’t keep his word to show his wife. I agreed, and the sex was so good it was more than just 3 times. He even arraigned for hubby to be gone for the weekend. But it ended before we got out of control. My hubby got the promotion, and the kids and I are happy and worries about cash flow

    • I helped this girl move from her dorm to an apartment in town, I was all dirty and sweaty after, she was like thanks I wish I could give you some money or something, I told her to lie down, I pulled off her shorts and fucked her, she just lay there looking off to the side with a blank stare, it was kind of depressing, I found out later she'd been molested a lot, and I feel extra bad about pulling out and coming all over her face

    • That sounds to me like you raped her, it's not an accusation just an observation, did you do her again?

    • I asked a nearby neighbor if he could help me as I had locked myself out of my house. He was about my age (25) and single. He came over and managed to get in by breaking a small window and then reaching in to unlock. I thanked him and asked him in for a coffee. He said that he would repair the window at the weekend and taped some ply in the hole to patch it up. As good as his word he came over a few days later with a piece of glass and repaired it. I offered to pay him but he said that it was OK as it wasn't much, glad to help etc. I asked him over in the evening for a few drinks and thought that I have to give him something so I ended up giving him a blow job and letting him cum in my mouth (I actually don't much like the taste of cum). He stayed over and we had full sex later. That was it, we didn't do anything else and a month later he moved away.

    • I would not call that as a payback! More like a great hook up. Good for you.

    • I sucked off a department store Santa when I was 14 in exchange for all the nifty gifts he'd ever given, but it turned out it was just my drunk uncle Steve in an Santa outfit.

    • That was bull shit!

    • Tell that to my uncle Steve then he said I was a "great little fuck"

    • Fuck you lady balls! You said you only used your mouth! That's proof your a liar! Your just sitting in your mama's trailer making up stories little boy! You should go hang yourself!

    • Actually, ma'am, after I fellated uncle Steve in the department store changing room as Santa, and he revealed himself to be who he was, he had me dress in one of those cute little elf costumes and we went out to his van where he forced himself on me. But he stayed in character, I guess, because he kept saying I was being a good little girl and deserved a big present. He came inside me and I had an abortion on my 15th birthday. I literally killed Santa's baby. I don't know if that puts me on his naughty list or what. But at least I'm not some rude bitch like you.

    • I fucked a guy in college for walking me back to my dorms after my evening classes in my last few weeks of a semester in college. I had just broke up with my boyfriend and he was being super creepy and stalking me. Cute guy in class heard me talking to my friend about it and offered to walk me to the dorms. My friend tried to play matchmaker but there just wasn't any interest. Our lives were going in two very different directions. I did sleep with him after finals were over though. Best sex I've ever had in my life. Heard he went off into the military and did some cool stuff. Were both married with kids now, but if he showed up and wanted me again I don't think I'd say no...

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