Starved for sex

My wife is 5 months pregnant and I am starved for sex. I want meet and fuck a stranger so bad. Every woman I see I imagine what it'd be like to fuck her. What I wouldn't give to have a cute little fuck buddy right now. Someone please help.

2 months ago


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    • Go find an older woman! When my wife was pregnant she didn't want anything to do with sex. Sure, it was every now and then, but towards the end there was nothing.
      I work as a contractor so I meet a lot of wives. I met a wealthy 62 year old woman who was also in the same situation with her husband. I ending up fucking her for a couple of months. She was absolutely amazing in bed!

    • Find some good sluts and fuck the shot out of them! Fuck your wife if the cunt won’t fuck you!

    • Nice advice for someone who is just starting to have a family! Thats the way to stay married for sure.

    • Who gives a fuck! Pregnant or not she should open her fucking legs! If not, go find a slut that will!

    • Why won't she give you sex? If she won't then jerk off till the baby's born and resume sex. Anything else might end up in divorce, alimony and child support.

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