Cool Granny Slut

I always desired her when I was growing up. Now that I'm older I got the opportunity to get to really know her. I always figured she was a slut. I sometimes overheard her telling grandma about her sexual activity when I was younger. She always wore low cut tops and dresses exposing the veins she has in her milky looking tits. I masturbated often thinking about her tits excepting my cum blast.
She aged but still kept herself sexy looking. We spend some time at the beach every fall. Grandma always wore a one piece swim suit to hide the belly she had, Nancy, grandma's dearest friend, always wore a two piece swimsuit. Her breasts always looked as if they was going to fall out of her top and the swimsuit bottom didn't cover her rump too much enhancing her fat thighs and thick blue blood legs to stand out. I enjoyed rubbing sun tan lotion on her, especially her rump. Laying next to her absorbing the sun, I made sure she noticed my dick in my swim trunks.
I bumped into Nancy at the grocery store. She asked me to help her carry the things she bought that day shopping into her house. Just as I was leaving she put one arm around me and the hand on the other arm on my privates. " I want you! " she said. " I know you desire me ever since you was a young boy. Now that you're older we can get it on." and she unzipped me and let my endowment hang out. Then she tells me she's been wanting me for some time. She enjoys being a cougar, or as others would say a MILF, but now enjoys being a GILF at this stage and age. "Don't tell your grandma, please." as she lifted her saggy breasts out to sway across my dick and tells me I'm endowed than most guys she's been with and started blowing me. "You don't have to hold back, I swallow and enjoy a cum blast on these tits that I proud of. "
She sucked me dry and removed her clothing exposing her big hips. She went on the couch spreading her thick legs and opening her loose kitty exposing the clit to me. "This GILF loves to have her clit played with! " I went down on her, licking and playing with it with my fingers. then she pushed me off the couch and took my newly rigid cock in her mouth sucking it wildly. She backed away a little and held her saggy veined tits up for me to come on besides her waiting open mouth. "I desire to be your one and only cum slut! "
Nancy is my cum dump, I give and shoot all over her, spreading my cum on her ass with my dick and feeding my cum covered cock to her mouth.

1 month ago

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    • When it comes to fucking a granny, my experience has been. " They don't tell, they do it swell and they're grateful as hell"

    • Older woman are beautiful. They know what they want and just take it. They know what to do with your cock and balls.

    • I want "Cool Granny Slut" on my tombstone

    • Done

    • My granny was very sweet and baked pies and volunteered at the library, and then we found out she was banging a bunch of cholos for yayo.

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