Night time cum with mom

I was adopted at birth and this was the first time I was staying a weekend with my birth mom. She picked me up from the airport and we went out to dinner. I'll tell you about my mom. She had me when she was fifteen and was now 30. We share the same dark brown eyes and she had blonde hair. My mom had always been in shape but still filled out. We went to her house and hung out talking while the tv was on. Tired from the flight I asked where I would be sleeping. She said the couch was mine but it was uncomfortable. She had a king in her bedroom if I didn't mind sleeping with her. I agreed and grabbed my bag. She went into her bathroom to change and closed the door. I took off my clothes and put on some shorts. My mom opened the door and asked if I was ready. I said yes and she came back out. She had on a baggy t-shirt and short shorts on. I noticed the outline of her breasts but quickly tired not to think of it. We got into bed and she shut off the lights. She gave me a hug and kiss and said she was glad I was here with her. We both fell asleep shortly after. Waking up it was still dark. Remembering where I was I found myself spooning my mom. She was still asleep when I noticed I didn't have my shorts on. I have the tendance to take them off during the night as I like to sleep nude but try not to when with other people. I tried to move to put them back on when my mom started to move. She didn't wake up but I was stuck. Feeling my mom's butt against my crotch I started to get hard. My erection pushed between her thighs and feeling her skin against me I gently started to rock back and forth. Checking that my mom was still asleep I moved my arm slowly from my side and wrapped around her. Resting my hand on her left breast she didn't move. Since she was on her side her shirt had exposed her side and I felt her bare skin against my palm and her nipple still covered. I grasped her breast and was surprised at how soft and warm she felt. It didn't take long before I felt the familiar need in my balls to cum. Before I could stop I started to ejaculate. Breathing hard I had soaked her shorts. I pulled my hand down from her chest and placed it on her stomach. I woke up to my mom rolling over and checking the time. She rolled back next to me and kissed my cheek. Good morning she said still sleepy. How did you sleep? Good I said. Do you want breakfast? She asked. Sure. Forgetting that I was naked she pulled back the blanket. She gasped as I had morning wood she saw the wet spot. Did you have a wet dream? She asked. I was embarrassed and covered my erection. I apologized that I was naked. I like to sleep nude too when it's hot. She said. It's okay if you had a wet dream. It's natural and nothing to be ashamed of. She smiled at me and said why don't you shower and I'll get the sheets in the wash and start breakfast. She gave me another kiss and I got up. Still hard she looked at my erection before she got out of bed and closed the door.

2 months ago

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    • How fake can you get. Like she wouldn't wake up to you doing that. You fucking kids are wrecking this place with your fake stories.

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