I love to be nude in public.

I love being a nudist. When I was a child my mom let me go naked 24/7. Mom was very open about nudity. I was born in Florida but grew up in France. Mom and I went to nude beaches every chance we could get. After we moved back to the United States my dad bought a home in a gated community. We had a private fence around the pool. I loved to suntan nude at the pool. One night I get this wild idea. To walk naked down the street and back. So one time my mom and dad are out of town. I stripped naked. I took off every thing. All my jewelry. I had nothing on. I walked out into the front yard. I looked around made sure nobody was around. It was 2:00am. I began walking down the street. I was so turned on. I walked as far I can. I turned around and began walking home. I am about half way home. Then I see trouble. There trouble. A person out smoking a cigarette. I take cover between 2 cars. This person is taking his own time. Finally he go into his house. By this time it getting late. People are starting to get up and move around. I take off running as fast as I can. I get home. I was turned on. I did enjoy being naked in a public area. I did go out into the county. Found a private area where I can run around naked. I enjoyed being naked outside.

2 months ago

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