Gave my first blowjob at 12, now I want more

I sucked my friend Danny's dick when I was 12. He was 14 at the time and we both enjoyed it very much. I continued to suck him to orgasm for the next year or so until he and his family moved away. That was 50 years ago. To this day I still think about swallowing his cum and hope to do it again soon. I found his address online but am very nervous about contacting him. How do I tell him I want to meet up and take everything he has into my mouth again?

1 month ago

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    • My cousin [male] asked me one day if he could see my cock, I am two years younger than him and did it. He got right down in front of me and was looking at it closely then just opened his mouth and sucked it right in and kept going. I stood there completely shocked and loving it at the same time. He did not stop until I came then he told me that anytime I wanted it sucked just ask, he still comes over and does it ten years later.

    • I'll suck your cock for you. My mouth is a virginmouth

    • But, you are 12, right?

    • Your story sounds like mine also but lasted a few more years and I had a great roommate in college, we would swap head all the time. I am 57 this year and have sucked off probably a dozen guys in the last five or so years. If you are patient you can find somebody to do it with you.

    • I'd like to suck a cock, never done it before

    • What is orgasm? I never enjoyed one

    • I give number one orgasm! you to enjoy

    • I’ve always wanted a friend to try this with. How does somebody approach a guy with this type of request?

    • Email me please

    • It helps if your both a bit intoxicated, engage in the usual banter but then suggest that a bj is a bj and you cant tell who's mouth it is in the dark, if he agrees then ask him if he's ever considered it, if he says yes then say you have too and then you e cracked it, but if he's offended then you can always blame it on the drink. Something similar happened to me. This guy and me would be inebriated and there would be risque banta then one evening I said something about someone's tits and he said he preferred my tits (man boobs, but they are perky) and eventhough I had tried sucking a cou6of guys in the past I was shocked and I said no, he said he's always wanted to try it with a bloke, and he persevered and I thought why not so one night he came back to my place and we wanked and sucked cock

    • For most guys. A blowjob is a blowjob. Jokingly tell them that you wish you could get a blowjob and if they agree tell them you are willing to give him a blowjob no strings attached

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    • Getting desperate now! You must have a very sad life.

    • I have no life. When I’m not in here writing my anti-incest screeds, I’m molesting the neighbors’ kids.

    • I named my labia after you

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    • You are so funny, Chimo!

    • It's Chomo idiot.

    • That’s Mr. Chomo to you, buddy.

    • Ok that's just weird

    • Why do you have a comment about everyone post or replies? You hang here like a cockroach and post replies from kiddy porn all the way up to gay sex. You make this place stink get the fuck out of here asshole.

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    • You think all those posts are mine! You think I'm the only one who posts here? You are one dumb fuck.

    • Your mom said she caught you in bed naked with a 4 year old boy.

      Care to explain?

    • He seduced me with his fetching and bewitching eyes?

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    • Your pedo wanna be bull shit replies are the worst. They disrespect us proud trans sisters. Take a long look in the mirror asshole.

    • Then stop posting fake replies about touching children. That has nothing to do with trans people in any way.

    • Its OK that you're trans

    • Yes but it's not ok that he touches children

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    • I was 12 the first time I sucked dick too. It was my dad's friend. He was over watching a ufc fight and stayed the night. Wandered into the living room after everyone went to sleep because I thought he was cute and I wanted to talk to him more. I was so young and dumb. That 23 year old man molested me and made me suck his dick. He told me that I'd better keep my fucking mouth shut and that when I turned 16 he'd give me something else.

      True to his word, four years later he took my virginity while I was home alone. I tried to fight but he tore my clothes off and had his way with me on my princess bed while I begged for him to stop. He told me that I would learn to love his cock. That went on for over a year. My family would go out somewhere, I'd find a reason to stay home, text him that i was ready him, and then he would come and have fun with his "good little whore" I never told my family anything.

      That was six years ago. I've moved on. In college now, boyfriends come and go. But when he calls I answer. I've been "his" since I was 12 and I love the way he dominates me. No guy my age will fuck me the way he does. He was right, I've learned to love his cock.

    • You managed it better than grown ups. I admire you for keeping it a secret. Enjoy it

    • Fuck you nanny0816 You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • Good girl! The only right thing to do now is give him your womb!

    • I've never really thought about that. He's always pulled out and jazzed on my face, chest, or ass. Should I ask him to cum inside me? Do you think that's what he really wants?

    • That man is an alpha chad and wears a shiny crown. You are his subject, and must pray to him. Hail Alpha Chad!

    • Bull shit.

    • Said the beta fag

    • The first time i tried it was in a school in calif. in 1943,the coach picked me out and sucked me several times,then ask if i wanted to try it and i said sure,cummed in my mouth and loved it ever since

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