Crazy wife at the strip club

After a full dozen years of marriage, I suspect everyone's sex life becomes a bit dull. Two kids, the perfect older boy and year younger girl kept life active but sure interfered with lovemaking.
One day my wife caught me looking at some porn, just nude women on a beach, NBD. But she asked me why, so we talked. I mean really talked, and we both realized that we had dropped off to having sex maybe once a month, sometimes less.
We decided to try an experiment, so one weekend we left the kids at her Mom's and took off to a beach where we had heard sometimes people were nude.
My wife took off her top shyly after quite awhile, and a few people saw her but didn't pay much attention.
On the way home, we went by a bar that featured strippers, she surprised me by asking if I wanted to stop, have a drink, see what was going on.
Inside there were maybe a dozen guys sitting around, and a bit on the bored looking woman on stage, the next surprise was she stripped fully nude, wandered around for awhile and then another one came out, same thing.
"I can do better than that!" She told me.
"Go see if they will let you do an audition." I laughed.
She smiled at me, then another surprise, she got up and went and talked to the bartender.
Next thing I knew, there was my own wife, up on the stage, fully dressed. The room changed suddenly, several men got up and moved to the bar right in front of the stage.
It took several songs, but finally she was down to her bra and panties, just normal white stuff. Then, just as the 4th song ended, she took off her bra, then went through the curtain.
I figured that was it, but the next tune came on and out she came, fully naked, her full bush on display, so different from the other girls that were hairless. So here was my full breasted wife, stark naked in front of all these guys, the front row was now full and some dollar bills appeared.
She was doing little dips that exposed some pink for just a moment, then one guy threw a $10 bill up there.
My wife gave me a wicked grin, got in front of the guy, laid down and opened her legs as wide as they would go!
Then she was running her fingers down there, pressing her lips apart, opening herself up, and she looked to be as wet as I had ever seen her.
The bartender came up, said something to her, so she got up and went back stage, then came back to the table a few minutes later, dressed again.
"What did that guy say to you?" I asked her.
"He told me if I wanted to do that, to come back at 2 AM, and I could do an after hours show." She told me with a giggle. It was something about masturbating on stage was illegal, but they put on paid private shows after hours, when they had the drinks all picked up, some Oregon law.
So we did, and she put on the wildest show I ever saw, one other woman was there, along with a bunch of men of all ages. They let her do anything she wanted, so she gave several lap dances, guys were feeling her up all over, one managed to even gets his fingers inside.
Once home, we were both so crazy hot that we went at it twice in a row. We plan on doing that again in a few weeks.

1 month ago

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