She fucked the taxi driver

My wife doesn’t know that I know she was cheating on me years ago .
She is what some would call a bbw and a milf but she was always friendly not flirty .
Her big boobs always got attention . I never thought she would fuck about .
I look back and wondered at the time she became different , so I kept tabs.
Years ago a lot of folk didn’t realise that phones were easily tracked if you had the option set up on your phone. So I set up hers and switched on the track and trace on gps , it was same as find my phone and easy to use. I had the password and could check any time I wanted to see where the phone was and her as long as she had it on her.
One night she went out with a friend nothing new there except this time I knew exactly where she would be at any time.
I checked through the night and texted her to make sure she would let me know of any changes . Around 1230 I texted to ask what time she would be , I saw she had been in a club that would normally shut around 2 . She replied that she would be calling a cab soon that would take her and her friend who lived not that far away home .
I saw she started to move around 1255 saw the cab go to her friends house to be dropped off and started to make its way towards our home.
After 5 mins or so when I expected to see her home I decided to check again. Weird I thought that the signal was now static but it was about 1/4 mile down a lane and not moving.
Weird I thought so I texted and she replied to say they shouldn’t be too long as the taxi hadn’t got there yet !
Oooo really I thought , so I got my running shoes on and jogged to the place the signal was .it took me about ten mins as it was really dark, when I reached the start of the lane started to walk down there quietly .
There I saw the large van type taxi with the lights off except on the inside only and the door open.
The closer I got the more my heart started to beat faster , I could hear my wife talking dirty and the cab driver grunting and saying things like “ do you want it harder, I’m going to cum in your cunt”and generally dirty sex talk.
I kept my distance but edged closer to see what I could see , there was the cabby trousers down behind my wife who must have stripped naked with her arms on the side doors .
He kept fucking her and stopping , getting on his knees and what looked like licking her from behind .
I got my phone out and tried to video it but it was too dark , I got a bit and all the sex talk for about three mins .
She looked so fucking hot being fucked her big tits swinging and that slapping sound of being fucked turned me on so I started to wank off and. came hard and quick.
I heard enough and seen plenty.
I made my escape back and just as I got to my bed the van was pulling up outside.
I said nothing and she took ages to get to bed . She went to the downstairs shower to clean up I guess . I was asleep by the time she got to bed but she woke me up unintentionally .
I saw her four more times and watched the same cabby fuck her senseless in the same spot but it must have run it’s course as I never saw her stay again .

2 months ago

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    • I’m a taxi driver, why don’t I meet any of these women?! Although I did meet my current girlfriend while taxi driving lol

    • Last time my wife did this I gave her a cliterectomy
      It was hilarious 😂

    • Well how do you tip your taxi driver? I always suck them off.

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