Sucking cock

I'm currently thinking of sucking my mates cock, any tips? Xxx

1 month ago


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    • Don't forget to swallow

    • Lick under his heavy cum filled balls , then kiss and lick his asshole, follow that by sucking his cock until he cums all over your face. Done

    • 1.Open mouth
      2. Place cock in mouth
      3. Close mouth around cock
      4. Suck

    • Quit being a fag and start sucking on tits and start eating that pussy.

    • Just do what comes naturally: what I do wank his cock in your hand first and to get it hard and to prepare yourself before going down then just kiss it first to get used to have his cock so close to your mouth, pull his skin down and slowly luck the head of cock then kiss along his shaft, if your still ok with that then start licking him, his shaft, his head his balls ( unless their hairy, you dont want his hairs on your mouth) then just build up the licking going faster and spit on it to make it wetter, when your ready then take his head in your mouth and suck get used to the taste, then alternate sucking and licking, dont over think it just let yourself go and just let it happen when he's ready to cum suck his cock and wank him into your mouth. I like to hold his cock in my mouth and let him shoot in my mouth and swallow it (delicious) then lick his throbbing cock clean, if you don't want him to cum in your mouth then then let it shoot wherever but try licking it of his body to get used to the taste. After I wank and cum I make a point of tasting my cum, it's quite thick and creamy: but just experiment if it makes your cock hard then your doing it right

    • Sniff the head

    • Once you have his cock in your mouth you will know what to do. It may sound crazy but Once you start sucking it comes naturally. The only hard thing is taking your time with it. Make him want to cum down your throat.

    • No tips if he’s circumcised

    • Get the cock immaculately clean. To start with concentrate on the knob in your mouth for a few days to see how long your mate lasts, and then proceed further.

    • Start by gently lapping at his balls, lick your way up his hardening shaft, lick the tip, and then take his big cock deep in your mouth. You’ll get the hang of it after that.

    • He will probably only tip you if you are really good.

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