Cum on my hotwifes tits & face...

My wife and I got into the swinger lifestyle pretty soon after we got married at 18 years old. Lynn was a sexy redhead 5-8, 110lbs, 34D-24-35 but had been raised to be very prim & proper and to dress very conservatively to hide her sexy body being the preachers daughter. But soon after we were married I was surprised when she agreed to let me take some nude pictures of her in a sexy garter belt & stockings outfit one of her cousins had given her as a secret wedding gift. And once she saw just how sexy she looked it was as if it opened a floodgate. Soon she was an avid exhibitionest and we'd gotten into the 70's swinger lifestyle.

Our first experience was a MFM threesome, and it was awesome for both of us. I'd really gotten off watching my sexy young wife sucking another guy off while I fucked her. And couldn't wait to see her get fucked by another guy, which came only a couple of weeks later. Most of our experiences early on were only MFM threesomes with friends of mine. They all promised not to tell anyone but I learned later that they had all told each other about their experiences seeing my hot wife strip for them and then us sucking her tits, eating her pussy and then taking turns one fucking her while she'd suck the other off and on some occasions fucking her in the ass. And all of them thust far had been guy around our age 17 to 20 years old.

I should have realized they'd been telling others because we suddenly had lots of our male friends dropping by on a regular basis. But one guy had started to come by a lot that we knew but had never really hung out with named John. I'd met him through his younger brothers but we'd become friendly despite him being in his 30,s. Most of the threesomes we'd had would usually start out by showing the guy some of my wife's sexy pictures and then it would progress from there. I'd noticed a lot of the times John would come by he'd be talking about photography yet he only had a Polaroid Instamatic camera. Everyone knew he was into younger girls because his girlfriend was only 15 so they had to sneak around.

One night when he came buy he started talking about photography again and said he'd bought a 35mm camera just like mine. And he waited a while and then asked where he could get nude pictures developed. And told me he'd been taking nude pictures of his GF but only with the Polaroid camera and he wanted to take some with the 35MM. I told him I'd seen some places that had ad's in the back of adult magazines that advertised discreet uncensored film developing. I was making him work for it even though I had a good idea where this was going. And finally he came out and asked if I'd ever taken any nude pictures of Lynn? So I admitted I had and without hesitation he said if I'd let him see them he'd let me see his pictures of his GF. Even at 15-yo she was hot, and had some nice big tits I'd always wanted to see.

But I told him I'd have to ask Lynn first, and I could tell by the look on his face he thought she'd say no. She'd been out but came back a short while later so I went to tell her what we'd been talking about and came up with a plan. So I went down and told him she didn't want him to see them because she didn't think she looked very good in them. He looked disappointed but dropped it. About 30 min later Lynn came down and told him she was sorry she just didn't think she looked good in the pictures. And at that started to unbutton her dress then dropped it on the floor and was standing there in a garter belt & stockings with matching bra & panties and 4" spiked heels. She seductively took off the bra & panties. Then came over to the couch he and I were on and put her foot between my legs. I removed her shoe and then she put the other foot in his lap pressing against his cock and he took off the other shoe. Then she sat down between us in only her garter belt & stockings.

I started sucking one of her tits and he followed my lead. Soon we were both sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Then she started to undo our belts and we helped her undress us. Once we were naked she leaned over and started to suck his cock while I fucked her, then we traded places. We were all really going at it when he asked if he could cum on her tits? Up until then she'd never had a guy do that but she said sure figuring it wouldn't hurt anything. And it sounded kind of hot to me too. Soon she was on her knees and we were both jerking off and at pretty much the same time we both start shooting our loads. Lynn ended up with cum not only all over her tits but also on her face. I couldn't believe how much that turned me on. And Lynn loved it as well, she lifted her tits and licked off what she could reach and wiped the rest up on her fingers and sucked it off of them.

Then she licked & sucked our cocks clean. Lynn went up and got a couple of our photo albums and told him now he had something to compare them to having seen her naked. And it was funny the 3 of us sitting there naked looking at nude pictures of Lynn. And when he got to some pictures of her sucking my cock and us fucking he noticed it was from different angles and distances. And kind of slipped and said those must have been the ones Tommy took. Then he confessed that pretty much everybody knew about our pictures and our hot threesomes. But that it was just between the guys because they didn't want their wives or girlfriends to know. But after what had just happened he was thinking about how much he'd get off seeing me fuck his girlfriend, but told me when Lynn wasn't in the room. Not knowing it would be fine with her. But she ended up sucking us both off again at the same time at times trying to take both cocks in her mouth at once. And us both shooting off on her face & tits again.

After that Lynn loved having guys shoot off on her face & tits and even asked them to and John was coming over on a regular basis with pics of his GF and in a lot she was covered in cum. And about a year later he did arrange a threesome and I got to have her suck my cock and fuck her, but even better I got to fuck those big tits and shoot off all over them. I had several threesomes with them but she never knew that John had fucked Lynn or anything about our pictures. Then a few years later when she turned 18 they got married. And one night playing cards we were surprised when John jokingly suggested we play strip poker and Laura said that might be fun. We all ended up naked and I learned later that when the girls went to the kitchen to get some drinks Laura had told Lynn that though he'd never said anything she could tell that John had wanted to see Lynn naked. But the real surprise was when she said and she could see why as she stepped back and took a look. Then commented on how firm Lynn's tits looked and ask if she could feel them?

She started fondling Lynn's tits so Lynn started to play with Laura's big tits and they suddenly found themselves kissing & sucking each others tits and rubbing each others pussy. Then Laura really shocked Lynn when she suggested they go back downstairs and Lynn fuck John and her fuck me. It shocked the hell out of both of us when Laura sat beside me and Lynn next to John and they started sucking us off and then had us fuck them. And it was even hotter when John shot off on Lynn's face & tits and I coated his wife's tits in cum and the girls licked each other clean and in the process were sucking each others tits and kissing. Later when John found out that had been Laura's idea he was shocked. But it turned into a regular thing with the girls having sex and even started using toys & fucking each other and eating each others pussy. But always ended with us coating them in our hot cum. And we even took some pictures of them together.

It was also the start of Lynn loving to have cum on her face & tits. At first in our threesomes and when we swapped wives with other couples with bi wives. But she absolutely loved it when we'd go to adult theaters and she'd be getting gangbanged by a group of strangers and have them all shoot off on her tits & face. Several times leaving gobs of it on her face & tits and going through the lobby people going in would see it as she'd have her tits almost fully exposed so those going into the next show could see cum on her face & tits and know what she'd just done. We also had a some gangbangs in various hotels when we'd find groups of guys in the hotel bar and invite them up to fuck my sexy wife and have them coat her in cum. She'd gotten to love being covered in cum and even more if there was a girl there to lick it all up. And I really got of seeing her getting soaked in cum while being fucked in every hole by a bunch of strangers.

Anyone else like shooting off on a girls tits or seeing guys cum on their wife or girlfriend? We've been out of the lifestyle for many years but I still like fucking her tits & shooting off between them. And though we no longer share pictures we on occasion have people send us pics of their hot young wife covered in cum and it brings back some great memories. As well as knowing how the much older guys Lynn fucked when she was in her teens & twenties must have felt when they fucked her when they were in their 50-s & 60-s.

3 months ago

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    • You are one lucky bastard I wish my wife was as open minded and adventurers as yours

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